Meigs Elementary shines at OSBA fair

Staff Report

Brayden O’Brien, Kim Wolfe and Natalie Davis.

Brayden O’Brien, Kim Wolfe and Natalie Davis.

COLUMBUS — Meigs Local shared one of its outstanding programs during the 17th annual Student Achievement Fair in November at the Ohio School Boards Association (OSBA) Capital Conference and Trade Show.

OSBA showcased 100 innovative programs at this year’s fair, held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in downtown Columbus.

Meigs Elementary’s After-School Kids (ASK) program was selected to participate based upon its after-school program’s creativity and positive impact on student achievement.

Under the direction of coordinator Kim Wolfe, the presentation consisted of several hands-on reading activities and incentives in which students participate daily.

Students and staff from districts across the state exhibited their innovative programs at the fair. The event offered an opportunity to observe and learn what public school districts in Ohio are doing to enhance learning and achievement in their schools.

Special thanks went to Ryan Eaton, ASK social services coordinator, and Brayden O’Brien and Natalie Davis, students in the program, for their enthusiasm in delivering their own version of the ASK program.

The Student Achievement Fair is sponsored by the OSBA Student Achievement Leadership Team, which is an integral part of OSBA’s focus on improving public education.

Approximately 10,000 school board members, administrators, teachers, students, vendors and guests attended the four-day Capital Conference, which ran Nov. 8-11.

In its 60th year, OSBA leads the way to education excellence by serving Ohio’s public school board members and the diverse districts they represent through superior service and creative solutions.

Brayden O’Brien, Kim Wolfe and Natalie Davis. O’Brien, Kim Wolfe and Natalie Davis.

Staff Report