2019 Domestic Arts Awards

By Lorna Hart - Special to OVP

(Editor’s note: The incorrect results were accidentally reported for the domestic arts awards from this year’s Meigs County Fair in a previous edition of The Daily Sentinel. The correct results appear below. The Daily Sentinel apologizes for this error.)

ROCKSPRINGS — Domestic Arts exemplify the evolution from creating out of necessity to making something that is a work of art.

The term Domestic Art comes from the fact that historically items in this category were made at home out of necessity. Before the availability of manufactured good, everything a person needed had to be hand made from purchased raw materials or whatever might be found around the home.

Sewing, knitting, and crocheting were essential for making garments, quilts, and rugs. The skills needed to make items were passed on to each generation, and as time allowed creativity emerged.

Patterns emerged in quilts, embroidery designs on pillowcases and table clothes added beauty. No longer were knitted hats and mittens just to keep warm, they became fashion accessories in a wide range of designs and shapes. Christmas decorations allowed for creativity using the multitude of natural materials found just outside the house.

Each of the pieces on display at the Meigs County Fair are original and hand made, examples of the continuing importance of expression through “domestic art”.

Department IX – Domestic Arts

Division 901 – Children’s Clothing: Class 1 – Dress, 1st Patricia L. Aldridge, Reedsville, OH; Class 12 – Apron, 1st Opal Dyer Bidwell, OH.

Division 903 – Miscellaneous: Class 13 – Homemade Purse or Bag, 1st Amber Ridenour, 2nd Susy Heck, Pomeroy, OH, 3rd Roberta Lewis, Mason, WV; Class 17 – Christmas Stocking, 1st Maxine Dyer, 2nd Opal Dyer.

Division 904 – Fashion Accessories: Class 18 – Collar, 1st Roberta Lewis, 2nd Maxine; Class 19 – Hat, 1st Vanessa Folmer, Middleport, OH; Class 20 – Scarf, 1st Vanessa Folmer, 2nd Amber Ridenour.

Division 905 – Crochet: Class 24 – Crochet Toy, 1st Roberta Lewis; Class 25 – Shawl Or Lap Robe, 1st Mary Ann Shoults, Racine, OH, 2nd Mary 0. King, Pomeroy, OH; Class 26 – Doily 14” or Under, 1st Opal Dyer, 2nd Doris Grueser Racine, OH, 3rd Roberta Lewis; Class 27 – Doily over 14”, 2nd Roberta Lewis, Mason, WV, 3rd Opal Dyer; Class 28 – Crochet Cushion, 1st Mary Ann Shoults, 2nd Doris Grueser, 3rd Opal Dyer; Class 29 – Pot Holder, 1st Roberta Lewis, 2nd Opal Dyer, 3rd Maxine Dyer; Class 30 – Vest, 1st Patricia L. Aldridge; Class 31 – Cap, Hat, 1st Mary 0 King; Class 32 – Scarf, 1st Mary Ann Shoults, 2nd Opal Dyer; Class 34 – Any Crochet Item Not Listed,1st Mary Ann Shoults, 2nd Roberta Lewis, 3rd Doris Grueser.

Division 906 – Knit: Class 35 – Knitted Mittens, Gloves, 1st Susy Heck; Class 36 – Knitted Cap, Hat, 1st Susy Heck Class 37 – Sweater, Child, 1st Susy; Class 38 – Adult Sweater, 1st Susy Heck, 2nd Karen Hawley; Class 40 – Scarf 1st Susy Heck; Class 41 – Shawl, 1st Susie Heck; Class 42 –

Vest, 1st Susie Heck; Class 43 – Toy, 1st Susie Heck 1st Opal H Huggins, Rutland, OH; Class 44 – Any Knit Not Listed, 1st Susy Heck, 2nd Karen Hawley.

Division 907 – Afghans: Class 45 – Crocheted Baby Afghan, 1st Maxine Dyer, 2nd Opal Dyer, Class 47 – Knitted Afghan 1st Susy Heck; Class 49 – Crocheted Ripple, 1st Roberta Lewis, 2nd Maxine Dyer; Class 51 – Any Variation of Crocheted Gra, 1st Opal Dyer; Class 53 – Any Shell or Variation, 1st Roberta Lewis; Class 55 – Mile a Minute, 1st Opal Dyer Class 56 – Any Other Not Listed, 1st Doris Grueser.

Division 908 – Quilts: Class 61 – Machine Quilted, 1st Brenda Kennedy, Pomeroy, OH, 2nd Amber Ridenour, Pomeroy, OH; Class 62 – Child’s or Crib, 1st Mary 0. King, 2nd Brenda Kennedy; Class 65 – Patchwork, 1st Patricia L. Aldridge; Class 70 – Any Other not Specified, 1st Josh Ridenour, Pomeroy, OH, 2nd Paula J Welker, Pomeroy, OH.

Division 909 – Rugs: Class 74 – Any Other Rug, 1st Roberta Lewis, and 2nd Maxine Dyer.

Division 910 – Needle Craft: Class 75 – Counted Cross Stitch, Picture 1st Patricia L. Aldridge; Class 80 – Embroidered Pillow Case, 1st Karen Hawley, 2nd Doris Grueser, 3rd Opal Dyer; Class 82 – Cross Stitch Cushion, 1st Patricia L. Aldridge, 2nd Karen Hawley; Class 83 – Preprinted Cushion, 1st Doris Grueser, 2nd Opal Dyer; Class 86 – Embroidered Table Cloth, 1st Mary D King; Class 88- Pot Holder, 1st Lisa Short; Class 90 – Cloth Dol1, 1st Vivian R Huggins Pomeroy, OH.

Division 911 – Dolls: Class 93 – Dress Doll, Purchased Body, 1st Roberta Lewis, 2nd Phoebe A. Rife, and Middleport. OH.

Division 912 – Holiday: Craft, Class 94 – Hand Made Ornaments (2), 1st Opal Dyer, 2nd Maxine Dyer, 3rd Patricia L. Aldridge; Class 95 – Tree Skirt, 1st Opal Dyer; Class 96 – Holiday Wall Decoration, 1st Rhonda L. Dailey, 2nd Patricia L. Aldridge 3rd Opal Dyer Class 97 – Holiday Wall Decoration 1st Patricia L. Aldridge

Division 913 – Other Crafts: Class 98 – Articles by Any New Hand Craft, 1st Patricia L. Aldridge; Class 99 – Handmade Jewelry, 1st Mary D King, 2nd Opal H Huggins, 3rd Phoebe A. Rife; Class 100 – Plastic Canvas,

2nd Opal Dyer; Class 101 – Plastic Canvas Class 101 – 1st Maxine Dyer, 1st Opal Dyer, Class 102 – Leather Craft Class 1st Jeremiah Mohler. Pomeroy, OH. 2nd Bryant I Mohler, Pomeroy, OH.

Division 915 – Angels: Class 109-Any Other- 1st Patricia L. Aldridge, 2nd Opal Dyer.

Division 917 – Scrap Art: Class 115 – Made from Leftovers 1st Patricia L. Aldridge, 2nd Robert Bailey 3rd Carrie Gloeckner, Pomeroy, OH; Class 117 – Anything Not Listed, 1st Halo M. Rife, 2nd Karen L Lodwick, 3rd Patricia L. Aldridge.

Division 919 – Woodworking: Class 122 – Under 12”, 1st Joshua I Mohler, 2nd Patricia Aldridge; Class 123 – Not Over 36”, 1st Patricia L. Aldridge.

Division 920 – Wood Art: Class 125 – Any Wood Item Not Over 36”, 1st Patricia L. Aldridge Class 126 – Any Other Wood Art, 1st Patricia L. Aldridge.

By Lorna Hart

Special to OVP

Lorna Hart is a freelance writer for Ohio Valley Publishing.

Lorna Hart is a freelance writer for Ohio Valley Publishing.