URG, RGCC calls class with power outage

Staff Report

RIO GRANDE — The University of Rio Grande and the Rio Grande Community College closed the main campus Wednesday due to what was reportedly a regional power outage.

The incident was reported around 11:30 a.m. with a fire alarm activation shortly following the outage. The smell of burnt rubber was reported in one of the campus halls but no fire was discovered. Rio Campus Police Chief Scott Borden said an electrical malfunction was likely due to issues with the outage.

Wednesday evening, Dr. Catherine M. Clark, interim president of the University of Rio Grande and Rio Grande Community College, sent out an email stating there were still classroom buildings without power, though American Electric Power was working to correct the problem.

“We anticipate that power will be restored tonight,” Clark said on Wednesday.

If classes are cancelled, staff and students will be informed through email by 6 a.m., Thursday, according to Clark. Information will also be on the Rio website (Rio.edu) and on the Rio Facebook page.

This outage did not affect the Academic Centers in Meigs, Jackson, and McArthur. Those centers will be open for classes. Residence Halls, the dining facility, bookstore, and campus offices will be open. According to Clark’s email, staff will report to work as usual.

Staff Report