Council member, fiscal officer submit resignations

By Kayla Hawthorne - Special to the Sentinel

SYRACUSE — Syracuse Village Council Member Rhonda Rathburn resigned from her seat on council during their meeting on Thursday evening.

Rathburn’s term expires at the end of 2019, but her resignation is effective Aug. 31. As reported earlier this week by The Daily Sentinel, two seats — currently held by Rathburn and Maria Schaefer — on Village Council are open for election in November 2019, however, Schaefer was the only person to submit a petition. Mayor Eric Cunningham thanked Rathburn for her time on council and said the village will be accepting letters of interest to fill the seat from September through December.

Village fiscal officer Crystal Cottrill also turned in a resignation, effective Sept. 2, during the meeting.Cottrill said she would like to explore other career opportunities. Cunningham thanked Cottrill for going above and beyond in her position. Resumes are being accepted for the position through Aug. 19. Resumes can be emailed or delivered in person to Mayor Cunningham.

Council approved sending two people to fire school at the request of Fire Chief Bill Roush. The cost for both people is $900 plus mileage for one vehicle.

Council also approved updating the smaller rescue boat for the fire department at the cost of $2,600. Lights will be installed on the boat and the floor will be replaced.

During the April meeting, council approved the fire department to purchase a new 2019 ATV for $19,000. The vehicle was ordered from Athens Sports Cycles, but they have not yet received it. According to Roush and Cottrill, the vehicle identification number (VIN) was recorded and received a couple months ago by Athens Sport Cycles, but the ATV was never delivered and has not been found. Roush said Athens Sport Cycles has ordered a new 2020 model for the fire department. The cost is supposed to be close to the original order, according to Roush.

Council also approved to pay up to $500 to reprogram radios on a rescue boat, cruiser and additional handhelds.

Grants administrator Fred Hoffman said Shelly Company will begin paving in the latter part of September. The streets being paved in 2019 are portions of Seventh Street, Church Street, Carleton Street, Karr Street and Second Street.

Council approved to apply for a grant for paving in 2020. The grant will be submitted with the Village of Middleport. Syracuse is requesting $54,025 in grant funds with a local match of $18,982. The streets proposed for paving in 2020 are portions of Dusky Street, Mistletoe Lane, Church Street, Peach Alley, and Crooks Street.

Council went into executive session at the request of Police Chief Mony Wood for security matters.

Mayor Cunningham read estimates from Rose’s Excavating for road work to council. The estimate for ditching work on Bridgeman was $15,220. The estimate for concrete patching was $9,000. Council took no action on the matter.

Village Solicitor Rick Hedges said the county has not contacted him in regards to the acquisition of the London Pool.

In his report to council, Mayor Cunningham said Dusky Street needed to be restricted to residents only during the hours of 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. This is in response to traffic attempting to detour that way to go around school bus traffic.

In council member updates,

– Barry McCoy said College Road, Mistletoe Lane, Sixth Street, Seventh Street, Dusky Street, and Carleton all need concrete patching work. McCoy said Forest Run Ready Mix has a heavy mix concrete with fiberglass for $120 per yard. The drawings he submitted to council show an estimated 43 yards of concrete are needed.

– Council President David Poole said the sink hole in the tennis court had water coming up when it was raining. Currently the hole is being filled with sand, but Poole asked for it to be dug up to fix the issue.

– Michelle White said vehicles are traveling in the wrong direction on College Road on the one-way portion.

The next Syracuse Village Council meeting will be held Thursday, Sept. 12 at 7 p.m. at the Syracuse Village Hall.

By Kayla Hawthorne

Special to the Sentinel

Kayla Hawthorne is a freelance writer for The Daily Sentinel.

Kayla Hawthorne is a freelance writer for The Daily Sentinel.