Comics, Creators Convention held Sunday

By Dean Wright -

GALLIPOLIS — The Gallipolis Comics and Creators Convention is coming to the Quality Inn on Ohio 7, Sunday, at 11 a.m. to celebrate the art, culture and creation surrounding comics and the fandoms that connect with them.

According to event organizer T.J. Johnston, the event lasts until 5 p.m. Admission is $7 and children under 12 are free. Admission can be $5 if visitors bring a can of food to donate as the event is partnering with the Rio Food Pantry.

“The idea kinda started last year when we put a show on in Marietta because they had a comic convention every year,” said Johnston. “The original guy got sick and just couldn’t do it. So, we got permission from him and thought we might be able to do it. Which I guess is the audacity of our ignorance,” Johnston joked.

Johnston said he and his companions put the event together within eight weeks.

“It went pretty well and the original guy decided to do his thing again,” said Johnston. “We didn’t think the town could gel with two conventions and we were thinking of some other places to do it. I’m from Albany near Athens and they have their own thing every year. We have a few (friends) in the Gallipolis area so we decided to do it down there because they didn’t have anything like this.”

Johnston credited Justin Fortune, Shawn Langley and Seth Argabright with being co-event organizers.

A cosplay contest will be featured during the event and details will be released later. Around 30 vendors will take part in the event arriving from mostly central and southeast Ohio. Local artisan vendor The Rogue Crusade is anticipated to be present as well as Point Pleasant’s Mothman Musuem.

“We’re focusing mostly on handcrafted and artistic items,” said Johnston. ” We want to put a spotlight on local creators as much as we can…We do have a few panels going on and one will be about cosplay on a budget and another will be on where bargains and authentic costumes can be found.”

“The area doesn’t really have anything like this,” said Johnston. “We’ve a lot of friends down there and we think it would be something cool to get people together and share some fun.”

“Small town comic-cons have so much more heart and soul that goes into them and I’m really pumped to be participating this year,” said artist Azula Morphoenix.

“I’ve always loved attending comic and pop culture conventions in and around the Ohio Valley versus larger cities,” said Langley. “The attendees and fans are so passionate and supportive about their chosen fandoms and the creators they come to see, and Gallipolis is filled with anime, pop culture, sci-fi and comic book fans that will finally get that type of gathering place.”

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By Dean Wright