Council approves water meter replacement

By Kayla Hawthorne - Special to the Sentinel

POMEROY — Pomeroy Village Council approved a loan to purchase new water meters, as well as the renewal of insurance for employees, and various payments during their meeting on Monday evening.

Council unanimously voted to pass a resolution to take a zero interest loan for the purchase and installation of water meters. All meters throughout the village will be replaced. Mayor Don Anderson said he expects the water revenue to increase enough to make the payments for the loan. The project is expected to start around the end of September and will take six months to complete.

Anderson reminded council that 75 percent of the existing meters were inaccurate by at least 25 percent. Anderson also said that many households currently paying for the minimum water usage will likely see an increase in their bill due to accurate readings.

Anderson also mentioned wanting to consider requiring each household to have their own shut off valve.

Council unanimously voted to renew the eye, dental and life insurance for village employees. The plan is through the same provider with the same coverage and cost as the last year.

Council made the first disbursement for the Union Street and Prospect Street storm sewer project. The payment was for $27,720.30. Seventy-five percent of the project is covered by an emergency funded grant and the village is responsible for 25 percent of the cost.

Council made the third payment for the 833 sewer project in the amount of $80,982.36. Anderson said additional funds were required to cross 733, therefore, the new sewer line will not extend as far as originally planned.

Anderson said that Farmers Bank extended the loan for the fire department to $150,000 to pay for upgrades to the two used firetrucks. The department still needs $20,000 to cover the costs. Fiscal officer Sue Baker said the addition money will be paid from the fire department fund.

Anderson wants to move forward with the parking lot electrical upgrades before the Sternwheeler Festival. The grant money of $2,800 has to be spent before February 2020. Anderson said there were issues with overload during the Blues Bash.

Council unanimously agreed to endorse the countywide levy from Meigs County in partnership with the Meigs County Humane Society to expand the Canine Shelter to house felines. As previously reported by The Daily Sentinel, the levy is for 1 mill and will be used primarily to establish a county cat shelter as an extension of the current canine shelter, but could also be used for the dog shelter. Council member John Musser, who is a member of the humane society, said many of the cats will be spayed or neutered then released back to the location they were picked up from. Musser said there will not be much space at the shelter to house many cats, but decreasing the reproduction rate will reduce the overpopulation issue. Council will sign a proclamation to announce their endorsement.

In his report to council, Mayor Don Anderson said,

– The leftover materials from the riverbank project will be used to reinforce the lower wall.

– The village is looking to hire a part-time assistant water clerk.

In council member updates,

– Maureen Hennessy said several merchants requested more advertising space on the sign at the stop light at State Route 833 and State Route 124. Anderson said they are hoping to upgrade the signs and add 10-12 more spots.

– Vic Young said he noticed the pot holes on Lincoln Hill need patched. Anderson said the holes are continually patched, but the material comes out of the holes.

The next meeting of Pomeroy Village Council is scheduled for Monday, Aug. 19 at 7 p.m.

By Kayla Hawthorne

Special to the Sentinel

Kayla Hawthorne is a freelance writer for The Daily Sentinel.

Kayla Hawthorne is a freelance writer for The Daily Sentinel.