Summer crisis program to begin

By Gallia Meigs CAA - Special to OVP

OHIO VALLEY — Gallia Meigs Community Action Agency “2019 Emergency Summer Crisis Program” will continue through Aug. 31 or until the funds are depleted. Starting Aug. 1, we will also be having box fans along with air conditioners.

Our first priority will be assisting with (unpaid) electric bill, (AEP and BREC), and A/C repair. Those wishing to receive an air conditioner/fan, must have an appointment and cannot have received one in the last three years. We have a limited quantity of air conditioners/fans and they go very quickly.

Eligible persons may call at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to make an appointment for emergency help and air conditioners. Appointments can be made by calling our toll free number at 1-866-409-1361 or online at Please listen to the entire prompt menu and write down your confirmation number. Without the confirmation number you will not have an appointment.

Eligible applicants can be assisted in two ways which are listed below:

(1) an income eligible household, under 60, where the individual has a current qualifying (chronic) medical condition/breathing disorder, (ex: lung disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or asthma). It must be verified within the last six months, (you will be required to have a **physician documentation** statement on your appointment day, which can be picked up at our Cheshire and Middleport offices and taken to your medical doctor before your appointment).

(2) An income eligible household where an household member is 60 or older. No medical statement will be required over the age of 60.

The income eligible household may receive one payment for electric bill up to the current bill or be a first PIPP Plus customer, but not to exceed $300 (AEP) or $500 (BREC) or may repair your central air up to $500 (homeowner only), or a new window unit if there is no central air. If you are in disconnect status, you will be required to pay the difference before we can assist with our maximum payments.

However, a PIPP Plus customer with AEP is not eligible for assistance with the electric bill, but may be eligible for a window unit or central air repair.

Walk-ins will be taken as time allows, Monday through Thursdays, at 8:00am.

Eligible clients must bring (No exception items needed for appointment, you must bring all documentation or you will not be assisted):

· Proof of Gross Income for Everyone in the household for the past month, SSA/SSI/SSDI- Bank Statement or Award Letter PERS/VA/SERS/PENSION- Copy of Award Letter

· If Weekly wages, Last 4 pay stubs/Bi-Weekly wages, Last 2 Pay Stubs, If it doesn’t reflect the last 12 months you will need to bring more documentation) and a completed and signed Employment Verification Form (Appendix VI), which you can pick up at our local offices. If you are a seasonal or self-employed will need the last 12 months.

· OWF/TANF- Print Out of the Last Month or Bank Statement

· Social Security cards, names and birth dates for everyone in the household

· Current heating bill or statement (Columbia Gas, Propane, Fuel Oil, Coal or Wood)

· Current electric bill (AEP or Buckeye Rural)

· If you pay for health insurance,documented proof for 3 months, Aflac, AARP, Blue Cross Blue Shield, etc.

· Medical Card or Case Number (if applicable)

· Child support, ordered to pay or received- print out (documented proof for the last month, verification of whether receiving or not and if only income must provide.)

· Must provide landlords name, address and phone number (if renting)

· Under 60 needs medical statement dated within the last 3 months- chronic breathing disorder

Annual income eligibility for one person in the household is $21,857.50; two persons, $29,592.50; three persons, $37,327.50; four persons, $45,062.50; five persons, $52,797.50; six persons, $60,532.50; seven persons, $68,267.50; and eight persons, $76,002.50.

Annual income eligibility for PIPP Program for one person in the household is $18,735; two persons, $25,365; three persons, $31,995; four persons, $38,625; five persons, $45,255; six persons, $51,885; seven persons, $58,515; and eight persons, $65,145.

Please make sure you provide all required documentation, as we can no longer look up old documents or wait for emails or faxes. If you are a no show, you will have to reschedule for another appointment or try to be a walk-in. There are no exceptions.

By Gallia Meigs CAA

Special to OVP