For The Record

Syracuse Fire Department

On Sunday at 2:56 p.m., the Syracuse Volunteer Fire Department (SVFD) was alerted to Forest Run Road for a search and rescue. Sheriff’s Office was already on the scene and advised of the details. While in route, SVFD also had Racine FD with ATV and Brush Truck and Middleport FD with ATV and Drone alerted to respond for assistance. After arriving on the scene and seeing the terrain, SVFD called for Chester FD with ATV and Bashan FD with ATV and Medic 5. Sheriff’s Office had two search K-9’s and a drone respond along with the Ohio Department of Wildlife. SVFD then asked MedFilght to fly over and assist from above. SVFD was also assisted by approximately 10-12 family, friends and neighbors of the parents. Around 3:50 p.m. he was located on the neighbors property. Medic 5 went and checked the child, who had only a slight sunburn and some scratches. All responding units reported back to the command post and a head count and accountability was done. All units returned to quarters safely with no injuries to any responding personnel. “We want to thank everyone that helped today,” said the Facebook post from the SVFD. There were a total of 50 responders, two K-9’s, 14 pieces of FD equip, one helicopter, one law enforcement drone, six Law enforcement vehicles and two FD personnel ATVs.

Pomeroy Fire Department

Early Tuesday morning, Station 1 responded to a one vehicle accident on State Route 7, on the Naylors Run overpass, in Salisbury Township. Upon arrival, crews found a heavily damaged car; however, the operator had left the scene of the accident. Crews maintained a lane of traffic control and were released by Ohio State Highway Patrol shortly after their arrival. Responding to the accident was Pomeroy Pumper 1, Meigs County EMS, the Meigs County Sheriff’s Office, the Ohio State Highway Patrol, and Middleport Police Department.

Meigs County Sheriff’s Office

Day Shift

May 27

Deputies responded to a report of a death on Lasher Road. Upon arrival EMS personnel were already on scene. Upon speaking with residence at the scene deputies were informed that a male subject was found deceased at approximately 9:30 a.m. The Meigs County Coroner was contacted, and the scene was examined. After an initial investigation the cause of death was determined to be an overdose, however the case remains under investigation.

Deputies were dispatched to Minersville for what was reported as a domestic dispute. However, on arrival deputies spoke with involved parties and the report was unfounded. No further action.

Deputies responded to a request for a well-being check at a residence on Gold Ridge Road. Upon checking the residence, it appeared to be empty. Deputies later located the subject in a hospital in Columbus.

Deputies responded to a domestic dispute at a residence on State Route 143 near Carpenter. Upon arrival the male subject had already left the residence. According to witnesses at the scene, there had not been any physical violence, but the male subject had caused them to believe he would cause physical harm to them. Domestic charges have been field.

Deputies responded to Brown’s trailer court in Minersville after receiving a complaint of people yelling and possibly gunshots. When deputies arrived, they spoke with several witnesses none of which had heard any gunshots but said there had been a verbal argument. One party to the argument was found walking along State Route 124 and was later transported to a place in Mason. No further action.

May 28

Deputies transported two male inmates from Noble Correctional to court and back to Noble Correctional.

Deputies responded to Story’s Run Road after receiving a complaint of a female busting out windows in a residence. Upon arrival, deputies spoke with Jessica Gilmore, who was arrested on outstanding warrants from Meigs County.

May 29

Deputies, with assistance from Middleport Police, responded to a residence on Lasher Road due to a report of an assault. On arrival, officers spoke with the alleged victim, who advised that Michael Peirce had allegedly struck her in the face following a verbal dispute. Officers then searched the area for Peirce but were unable to locate him. Charges have been filed on Peirce for assault through the Meigs County Court.

Deputies responded to Mile Hill Road in Racine for a report of a runaway juvenile. After taking information from the mother, deputies went to a residence on Tornado Road and located the juvenile. Deputies then transported the juvenile to the mother’s residence. No further action.

Deputies took a report of a stolen motorcycle that occurred late last summer, or early fall. The subject lives out of town and couldn’t make it down to file until now. A suspect has been identified in the theft.

May 30

Deputies were dispatched to a residence on State Route 833 due to an unknown complaint involving a juvenile. On arrival, deputies spoke with the mother and the juvenile. The juvenile had broken some items in the house, and when deputies attempted to speak with the juvenile she ran into the roadway with oncoming traffic. Deputies were then forced to subdue the juvenile and transport her to the Holzer ER for psychological evaluation.

Deputies were dispatched to the Holzer ER due to a man reportedly intoxicated in the waiting room. On arrival, deputies spoke with the subject. This report was unfounded. No further action.

Deputies were dispatched to Bashan Road for a private property crash. There were no injuries and the vehicle was recovered. No further action.

June 3

Deputies responded to a fatal crash on Tornado Road near Yellow Bush. Two passengers were taken by MedFlight and the driver was pronounced dead on the scene. Investigation is being conducted by OSP.

Deputies responded to Rocksprings Road. Caller stated that a male had been pounding on the door and wouldn’t leave. Deputies spoke with the man, who stated he had broken up with his girlfriend and was wanting to get back together. Deputies spoke with her and she sated she didn’t want to see him or talk to him. He was advised to leave and peacefully left the scene.

Deputies took a report of a stolen vehicle from a residence on State Route 143. The stolen vehicle is a 1994 Ford F250, single cab two-wheel drive. The truck is tan with a green and white tailgate. Anyone with any information on his incident is asked to call 740-992-3371.

June 4

Deputies responded to suspicious person call on 3rd Street in Syracuse. Upon investigation, Deputies discovered a female who stated that she had stopped at the residence to see if her boyfriend was home and had been at the residence for some time because she had noticed some things out of place. The homeowner of the residence arrived and advised it was okay for her to be there.

Deputies responded to Sheets Road, Dexter, where a female called asking for assistance. When deputies arrived, the female asked deputies to take her and her child to the sheriff’s office because she was ready to leave her husband but had no transportation. Deputies transported her and the child to the sheriff’s office until her family could arrive.

June 5

Deputies responded to a call of cows in the roadway near Eastern Local School. No cows found.

Deputies responded to Hemlock Grove Church on a report of two abandoned trucks located in the parking lot across from the church. Deputies tracked down the owner who confirmed he had permission to park them there temporarily until a wrecker arrived to pick them up.

Deputies responded to Pine Tree Drive on a call of a suspicious person. The juvenile in the house stated someone had been in the driveway and got in one of the cars at the residence. It was later discovered to be a family friend dropping an item off.

June 20

Inmate Sonya Stiffler was picked up by STAR for incarceration. Later that day she was returned because she was kicked out of the program. Stiffler is currently being held by the Meigs County Sheriff’s Office pending a hearing for sentencing.

Officers took a report on Sheets Road for criminal mischief. Victim reported that his UTV had the windshield and side view mirror had been busted.

Two inmates were transported to Hopewell for doctor/dentist appointments.

Inmate Charles Roush was transported to CRC for incarceration.

June 21

Officers assisted a motorist with a lockout at Marathon.

Officers took a report of sexual assault. Case was turned over to CPS and the investigator for investigation.

An inmate was arraigned in juvenile court.

Officers patrolled the Village of Syracuse per request of the Chief of Syracuse, who received a report of shots being fired. Nothing found.

Officers assisted AEP with a disconnect on Post Office Road in Long Bottom. Issue was resolved while on scene.

Inmate Chandler Blankenship was arraigned in County Court.

Officers took a report of a phone scam.

June 22

Michelle Jones was arrested on a warrant.

Officers located a male subject on McCumber Road who was intoxicated. He was transported back to the Sheriff’s Office for an eight hour hold and issued a citation.

Officers took a report of a stolen truck, 2007 Dodge Diesel maroon in color, out of Racine.

Officers attempted to serve a writ of possession on Brownell Avenue. No one was present at the time and the order was posted to the door.

June 23

Officers responded to North 2nd Avenue in Middleport per the request of MPD to assist EMS with making entry into a residence for a difficulty in breathing.

Officers took a report on Laurel Cliff of an attempted break in.

Officers spoke with a male about harassing text/phone calls that he is receiving from his wife, with whom he is separated. Contact was made with the female and she was advised to stop calling.

Officers attempted to conduct a well-being check on Molehan Road and did not make contact.

Officers patrolled the Dexter area in reference to a complaint received about a dirt bike driving recklessly. Officers were unable to locate.

June 28

Officers were dispatched to State Route 248 to check on a male in a vehicle. Vehicle was gone prior to our arrival.

Two papers were served.

One inmate was transported to a doctor appointment.

June 29

Officers responded to High & Dry storage in reference to a storage unit being opened and no one around. Everything appeared okay and officers secured the unit.

One inmate was evaluated by Hopewell Health.

Officers attempted four papers and served three of those four papers.

Officers responded to Shelly Gravel in Portland for an alarm drop. Area was checked and everything was secure.

Officers spent around three hours looking for a female making suicidal threats. Once she was located she was transported to the Holzer ER for a mental health evaluation.

Officers responded to Elm Street in Racine to a verbal dispute over property. The matter was resolved.

Officers took a report private property crash report on State Route 833.

Eight papers were served.

June 30

Josh Partlow, 31, of Rutland was arrested for domestic violence. He was transported to Washington County Jail for incarceration while he awaits his arraignment.

Three papers were served.