IRS reduces number of tax forms available at the Meigs County District Public Library

MEIGS COUNTY — Internal Revenue Service officials say they will significantly reduce the number of tax forms and filing instruction publications that it will make available through local public libraries.

In Meigs County, this will affect those who wish to pick up forms at all Meigs County Library locations in Pomeroy, Middleport, Racine and Eastern.

According to the IRS, every year there is an increase in the number of taxpayers using software and online programs to prepare federal tax returns. Last filing season, 95 percent of taxpayers filed tax returns electronically. As a result, the number of forms and publications the IRS produces and makes available to the public will be reduced again this year.

The Meigs County District Public Library will be able to offer a limited number of the following federal income tax forms this year:

  • Form and Instructions -1040
  • Form and Instructions – 1040A
  • Form and Instructions – 1040EZ

Individuals can obtain copies of these publications through to view and download or to order tax products to be delivered by mail. People also can call (800) 829-3676 to order tax products to be delivered by mail.

The number of Ohio tax forms sent to public libraries also will be reduced by 75 percent this year, which means supplies will be available for a short time only. Ohio tax forms can be accessed online at or call to request delivery of forms via mail at (800) 282-1782.

The Meigs County District Public Library officials said they strive to provide residents with the forms needed to file annual income taxes.

When supplies are depleted, forms and instructions can be printed on the library’s computers for 10 cents per page. Library staff members will assist people in finding the necessary resources, and they can use the library’s public computers to read instructions and publications online.