Commissioners approve DJFS requests

By Lorna Hart - Special to the Sentinel

P0MEROY — With a packed agenda, Meigs County Commissioners began their regular session on Thursday, June 20.

After approving the minutes of last weeks meeting and making motions to pay bills and now and thens (miscellaneous county expenses over $5,000), the Commissioners moved onto appropriations and adjustments to the budgets of the prosecutor, victims assistance, 911, and the sheriff’s offices.

All were approved except the request from the Sheriff’s office, which was tabled pending clarification from the Clerk for the Sheriff, Cheyenne Trussell.

Next up, the commissioners awarded three contracts: D.V.Webber Construction of Reedsville for the Syracuse fire hydrant installation project; Karr Contracting for the demolition of Judy Days in Middleport, with work completed before October 1, 2019; and D.V. Webber for the 2018 CDBG Pomeroy Village Meigs Cooperative Parish Generator Installation Project.

Job and Family Services Director Chris Shank brought several contracts and agreements before the board, including a request that was approved for “the Meigs County Department of Job and Family Services, acting in its authority as the Administrative Agent of the Meigs County Family Children First Council, to enter into a contract with the Meigs County Department of Job and Family Services, to provide Early Intervention Service Coordination.”

Shank presented and was given approval for requests of children and juvenile services that include the following: foster care contract for residential services with the Children’s Center of Ohio, LLC; continuation of the contact with Early Intervention Service Coordination; Oasis Therapeutic Foster Care Network, Inc. and Oasis Therapeutic Foster Care Network, Inc. Transitions for Youth to provide respite care and/or preservation, reunification, emergency shelter care, and foster care; sub grant agreement with the Meigs County Juvenile Court to provide a Juvenile Diversion Program.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Integrated Services for Behavioral Health “to collaborate on a system of care for children with serious emotional disturbances which includes working with families and communities to meet the needs of these children; and a system of residential centers to be established in the region that will benefit and support children in foster care, especially those with severe needs” was also approved.

Shank’s final item, a request to enter into a sub grant agreement with the Meigs County Council on Aging to provide a Home Maker (Home Based) Services program, was approved.

Commissioner Randy Smith read a request from the Pomeroy Blues and Jazz Society for financial support for their upcoming festivals in Pomeroy. The reading brought about a discussion of the amount events throughout the county should receive.

Commissioner Tim Ihle wanted to make clear that money given to such events did not come from taxpayer funds.

“Taxes are to run the government. Sometimes we have some side money from things like the hotel tax, timber sales from county land, rental properties. These proceeds are not counted as expected income, so those are the funds we have been spending for events that promote Meigs County,” said Ihle.

Ihle said this year a large portion of those funds have been spent on the Bicentennial Celebration.

Smith pointed out the Bicentennial Committee is trying to spread the celebration into every township with markers as an example.

“Everything we do is to show how great this county is, and we certainly want to support all the efforts that are going on, but are funds are limited, especially in this Bicentennial year.”

Smith then made a motion to approve the request before them, and to set a limit of $500 as the amount to be given to all requests in 2019.

“We would like to do more, there are great things going on in the county,” Smith said, “But we have to work with the money we have available.”

By Lorna Hart

Special to the Sentinel

Lorna Hart is a freelance writer for The Daily Sentinel.

Lorna Hart is a freelance writer for The Daily Sentinel.