County Court to host driver’s license reinstatement clinic

Staff Report

POMEROY — In an effort to help local residents have their suspended driver licenses reinstated, a clinic will be held on Tuesday.

Judge Michael L. Barr of the Meigs County Court recently announced that the court will hold a driver’s license reinstatement clinic on Tuesday, June 25, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The clinic is coordinated with Southeastern Ohio Legal Services, the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Meigs County Child Support Enforcement Agency, and the Meigs County Department of Job and Family Services. Representatives from each of these agencies will be present to address driver’s license issues related to their particular offices.

“We are holding this clinic to take advantage of the Ohio BMV reinstatement fee amnesty program, which is presently scheduled to be phased out on July 31,” explained Barr.

“Not having a valid operator’s license is a big problem for many citizens of Meigs County, and I have discovered that many of these folks have done everything necessary to get their license back, except pay the reinstatement fees to the Ohio BMV…most of these people just can’t afford it,” stated Barr. “With no public transit in a rural county like ours, having no license becomes a huge problem to gaining and maintaining employment.”

Similar clinics have been held in Franklin and Perry counties with high participation levels. These clinics have been organized in response to the reinstatement fee amnesty program established by the state legislature through the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, which is scheduled to end on July 31, 2019. This program will allow eligible offenders to have some, and possibly all, of the reinstatement fees owed to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles waived.

Participants should pre-register by contacting Southeastern Ohio Legal Services at 614-827-0504 or 614-827-0505. Questions may be addressed by calling Southeastern Ohio Legal Services, or the Meigs County Court at 740-992-2279.

Information provided by Judge Michael Barr.

Staff Report