For The Record

Meigs County Sheriff’s Office

Night Shift

May 6

Deputies responded to Leading Creek Road for a reported home invasion. Upon arrival, it was learned that the male who was allegedly breaking into the home with a gun did not have a gun and was in fact a resident. While conducting the investigation, a neighbor came over and stated that there was shooting in the area earlier and a bullet had struck their porch. Upon further investigation it was determined that the original caller was intoxicated and had been shooting a firearm over the roadway. Greta Smith was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and discharging a firearm over a roadway.

Deputies responded to Bigley Ridge Road for a domestic disturbance. Upon arrival the female party had left, and the male caller was not interested in pursuing the issue.

Deputies transported one male inmate to the Crawford County Jail from the Meigs County Jail.

May 6

Deputies responded to Buddy Road for a 911 call. Upon arrival both parties involved stated that the 911 call was unnecessary and that they had an argument, but nothing was ever physical.

Deputies responded to Crew Road for a neighbor dispute. Only one party was available at the time for a statement. Investigation is pending.

Deputies responded to a private property crash near the Syracuse ball fields. There were no injuries and a report were taken.

Deputies responded to the area of the Syracuse gas station for reports of someone yelling. Deputies remained in the area 45 minutes and nothing was heard.

Deputies responded to Racine in reference to a female who had been seen coming out of the river. Contact was made and the female was transported by Meigs EMS for treatment.

May 8

Deputies booked two inmates into the Meigs County Jail.

Deputies responded to a domestic disturbance on Beech Street with Middleport Police. Upon arrival the situation was calmed down and being worked out by the family. No action taken.

May 13

Deputies responded to Morton Road for an unruly juvenile. The juvenile was calmed down and left with his parents.

Deputies responded with Middleport Police to the Pageville area in reference to a transfer call from Athens County of a man in the area threatening suicide by cop. An extensive search of the area was conducted but the male was not located. He was located later that morning in Athens County.

Deputies performed three house checks.

May 14

Deputies responded to Mark Porter Chevrolet to take a theft report. Investigation is pending.

Deputies attempted a well-being check on Ross Road, however, the female that was to be checked on had not lived there for some time. No other address was available.

Deputies responded to a phone harassment call on Bone Hollow Road. No action taken.

Deputies responded to Romine Road for a possible domestic issue. Upon speaking with the caller, the individual simply wanted a family member forced to rehab that day and there was no other issues and the subject was not present.

Deputies performed four house checks.

May 15

Deputies responded to College Road in Syracuse for a civil complaint. The caller was informed that the sheriff’s office could not intervene in the civil matter.

Deputies responded to the Chester baseball field for a well-being check on a female. She was located and found to be fine.

Deputies responded to an alarm call on Fourth Street in Middleport. The residence was secure.

Deputies responded to Spring Avenue in and Main Street in Pomeroy for the same domestic issues with the same people. Pomeroy Police also arrived and handled the cases.

Deputies performed two house checks.

May 17

Deputies responded to Price Strong Road to take a burglary report. The investigation is pending.

Deputies responded to Union Avenue in Rutland for a scam call. A report was taken.

Deputies responded to MiBoyz Bar to speak with a subject in reference to a theft. A report was taken, and the investigation is pending.

May 20

Deputies responded to Union Avenue in Pomeroy for a 911 call. Upon speaking with the resident, the call was made by mistake.

Deputies transported inmates from the Meigs County and Middleport Jail to the Monroe County Jail and different inmates back from Monroe County Jail.

May 21

Deputies responded to Trouble Creek Road for a neighbor complaint. Upon investigation, it was determined that the issue was over one neighbor target shooting on the own property. No further action.

Deputies served several court subpoenas.

Deputies responded with EMS to Coolville Road but were dismissed by EMS upon arrival as the call was only a medical issue.

Deputies performed three house checks.

May 22

Deputies responded to Tucker Road for a well check from Wellston Police.

Deputies conducted a traffic stop on US 33. A citation was issued to Cady Stacy of Columbus for speed.

Deputies performed three house checks.

May 23

Deputies served court papers.

Deputies conducted a traffic stop on US 33. A warning was issued for a light violation.

Deputies responded to a possible fight call at Southern High School. A report was taken, and the juveniles involved released to their parents.

Deputies performed four house checks.

May 30

Holzer Meigs ER called dispatch advising that they needed a deputy at the ER for an unruly patient. When deputies arrived on scene and contacted the staff, they were advised that the subject had calmed down. Deputies stood by until treatment was complete, and the subject was released, to be sure no further problems arose. No further action was taken by officers on this call.

May 31

Dispatch received a call from a male advising that he could hear subjects arguing in the roadway near his home on Hampton Hollow Road. A deputy was sent to patrol the area. Nothing was found.

While on patrol Deputy Hill stopped a car on Middleport Hill for a traffic violation. During the stop, both subjects were determined to have warrants for their arrest in Middleport. Middleport PD sent an officer to the scene and took custody of the suspects and their car was towed from the scene.

June 1

Dispatch received a call from a female that an unknown vehicle was sitting in her driveway with someone in it, on State Route 143 near Harrisonville. Before the deputies arrived, she called back stating that the car had moved to her neighbor’s driveway and the subject was still sitting in it. Deputies arrived in the area and located the vehicle. They identified the driver and questioned why he was there. He stated he was getting cell service and using his phone. He was advised to stay off people’s property and find another place.

Dispatch received a call from EMS advising of a possible domestic on Main Street in Racine. Deputies arrived and located an intoxicated female in the firehouse parking lot. She advised that she had been arguing with her brother and he would not let her have her car. Deputies went and spoke with the (sober) brother who advised that she had showed up drunk wanting him to return a car he was purchasing from her. No assault had occurred and both subjects were advised that the issue with the car is a civil matter. The female was transported home.

June 2

Dispatch received a call from a female advising they could hear two males talking outside their house on Ball Run Road and would like for a deputy to come out and check the area. When the deputy arrived, he discovered an injury crash just up the road from the caller’s home. A squad was called for the male that was found at the scene. A Highway Patrol unit arrived on scene to handle the crash and the deputies patrolled the area looking for the other subject that had left the area on foot before they arrived. He was not found.