Stanley receives Model of Justice Award

By Sarah Hawley -

Meigs County Prosecutor James K. Stanley recently received the Model of Justice Award for Prosecutorial Leadership.

Meigs County Prosecutor James K. Stanley recently received the Model of Justice Award for Prosecutorial Leadership.

POMEROY — Meigs County Prosecutor James K. Stanley was recently recognized by the Ohio Justice Crime Victim Justice League during the “Model of Justice” Awards.

Stanley received the award for Prosecutorial Leadership. Stanley was nominated by Meigs County Victim Assistance Director Theda Petrasko.

The “Model of Justice” Awards were created to honor and celebrate criminal justice system officials, who have worked diligently to ensure the rights of crime victims are protected and enforced throughout the criminal justice process.

Stanley was the lone prosecutor in the state of Ohio to be honored.

Stanley has served as the Meigs County Prosecutor since Jan. 2, 2017.

“During this short period of time he has taken action to protect and better serve the crime victims’ in Meigs County,” stated Petrasko in nominating Stanley. “Our small county has the prosecutor and two assistant prosecutors. They prosecute cases in, common pleas court, county court, juvenile court, and they litigate civil issues on behalf of the county including bank foreclosures and delinquent tax cases. They are also the legal advisors, for law enforcement, the commissioners and township trustees. With all of this on his plate, he goes over and above his duties as a prosecutor.”

Petrasko stated “James was one of the first prosecuting attorneys in Ohio to endorse and actively support the passage of Marsy’s Law. At the Meigs County Fair the prosecutor had a booth with Marsy’s Law brochures as well as crime related information to educate the public about services provided and other crime related information. James covered the booth throughout the evenings, speaking with the people and listening and answering any concerns they may have.”

Additionally Stanley is a member of the Meigs County Community Prevention Coalition. He hosted the Meigs County Recovery Services Town Hall Meeting, he helped sponsor and organize the Drug Prevention Day at the Meigs County Fair, and he led opposition to State Issue 1. Stanley, along with the Victim Assistance Office, has developed the Partners for Justice group which meets every two months in an effort to better meet the needs of crime victims in the county.

“James tries to meet with each felony crime victim. He personally provides information on the state guidelines for the charges and listens to their concerns and works with the victim to make them a part of the plea offer process. When defendants are not on the docket and brought to court, he will hold up that hearing to give us time to notify the victim. Our law enforcement officers are now getting us the reports needed to notify the victims’ prior to arraignments,” stated Petrasko.

Stanley has also added two investigators to the office, one that works on follow-up on current and older cases that need more investigation done prior to taking the case to grand jury and one at Child/Adult Protective Services and the Fraud Department.

In November 2018, Stanley participated in the Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Association Advocacy Day at the Statehouse in which he discussed legislation and advocated on behalf of the OPAA, the MCPAO, and for the people of Meigs County.

In July 2019, Stanley will begin his term as a member of the Ohio State Bar Association’s Council of Delegates and will represent District 17, which is comprised of Athens, Hocking, Meigs, and Washington Counties.

The Ohio State Bar Foundation honored Stanley with the Ohio State Bar Foundation’s 2019 District 17 Community Service Award for Attorney’s 40 and Under. He was recognized for his service to the preservation of Meigs County history, as President of the Meigs County Historical Society. He is an active member in the Meigs County School Safety Council, a board member of the Karr-Aanesatd K-9 Foundation, and engages in on-going efforts at combating the drug addiction crisis.

Stanley was selected as a participant in the Digital Evidence for Prosecutors program in April 2019 hosted by the National Computer Forensic Institute, which is a partnership between the United States Secret Service, the United States Department of Homeland Security, and the Alabama District Attorney’s Association.

Petrasko concluded, “James has a drive and compassion to make Meigs County a safe place to call home. It is his drive and compassion that is infectious to all of the people around him. We all see his vision and as a team we work toward making that vision happen. This vision is spread throughout the Judicial System and Law Enforcement. He recognizes and supports all of us to make a great working environment for improvement in our county.”

Other honorees included: Stacey Stevens, Special Courage; Judge Heather Russell, Judicial Leadership; David Hyland, Corporate Community Leader; Venica Miller, Advocate Leadership; Kanchanarani Krishnamoorthy, Volunteer of the Year; Det. Keith Heilmeier, Law Enforcement Leadership; Rep. Jim Butler, Legislative Leadership; Micaela Deming, Victims’ Rights Attorney; Ronda Norris, Forensic Nurse Leadership; Glenn Mcenty, Power of the Press.

Meigs County Prosecutor James K. Stanley recently received the Model of Justice Award for Prosecutorial Leadership. County Prosecutor James K. Stanley recently received the Model of Justice Award for Prosecutorial Leadership.

By Sarah Hawley