Meigs Local approves niche responsibilities

By Lindsay Kriz - [email protected]

POMEROY — Meigs Local Board members have re-elected both the president and vice president positions.

Larry Tucker was once again elected as council president, with Ryan Mahr being re-elected vice president. Members also established meetings for the second and fourth Monday of every month at 7 p.m. at the central office.

As it was the board’s first meeting, authorizations had to be approved for various members. Many authorizations were approved for Treasurer/Chief Financial Officer Roy Johnson, the first of which was an authorization for Johnson to establish a Board Member Service Fund which won’t exceed $6,500 for any expenses by board members in 2016.

Johnson, or his designee, was also given the authority to sign all payroll and disbursement checks for 2016, the authority to secure any advances from the county auditor, Mary T. Byer Hill, when funds are available and payable to the school district. He also received authority to pay bills and invest all district funds at the most productive interest rates when funds are available, in accordance with legal requirements.

Johnson can also advertise for bids, which is specified by law, increase appropriations at the fund level as needed with permission from the board and use blanket purchase orders for operational purchases that don’t exceed $15,000.

Superintendent Rusty Bookman was authorized to administer all federal programs that are in compliance with federal, state and local regulations, hire employees on a contingency basis once a background check has been completed, and to approve federal or state minimum wage increases, if there are any.

Bookman may now continue to serve as a purchasing agent for the school district, with a maximum of $15,000 to spend without prior approval from the council. The superintendent can also continue to enter into contracts with non-teaching and teaching personnel who are involved with after-school activities and may also approve professional development for all employees of the school district.

Both Bookman and Johnson also received approval to attend professional meetings, and approvals continued when the board OK’d the superintendent or his designee to be the hearing officer for discipline hearings. The mileage reimbursement rate, which was not specified but is at the IRS approved rate, was also permitted by council, who also authorized Bookman and Johnson to dispose of and/or to discard or sell obsolete textbooks, library books, materials, and equipment at all schools due to age, condition and/or beyond repair as necessary throughout the calendar year.

Members confirmed an approval that Bricker and Eckler LLP act as legal council for the district, and that the Pomeroy Daily Sentinel, and/or the Ohio Auditor of State website and/or the Meigs Local Schools district website act as official sources for any publications required by law.

The next meeting is set for Tuesday, Jan. 26 at 7 p.m.

By Lindsay Kriz

[email protected]