Council discusses FD, police matters

Pool discussion expected at April meeting

SYRACUSE — Syracuse Village Council discussed a range of matters for the fire department and police department during the recent village council meeting.

Fire Fighter Derek Roush asked council about the status of a potential ATV purchase for the fire department. Fiscal officer Crystal Cottrill noted that the potential amount in the fire fund that would be available for ATV loan payments was dependent upon permanent appropriations, and the finance committee is taking it under consideration.

Roush also asked for approval for a wire harness and sonar and bracket for the rescue boat. After discussion, council approved the $1,000. SCBAs were tested last week with everything passing the tests.

Roush reminded that the rescheduled Red Cross day for smoke alarm installation is March 23. Roush noted the Easter egg hunt is scheduled for April 13 at 1 p.m. The fire department requested to purchase 8,000 eggs this year due to the high attendance in previous years at a cost of $960. Council approved the purchase.

Mayor Eric Cunningham appointed Sam Bolin to the Syracuse Volunteer Fire Department.

Council approved the hiring of Michael Oliver as a part-time police officer funded through the OCJS police grant at a pay rate of $13 per hour.

Police Chief Mony Wood noted he received a complaint regarding a subdivision road along West College Road. According to discussion, it is an unpaved road which is not the responsibility of the village, but Wood spoke to the property owner who stated he would gravel the drive.

Wood explained there are increased patrols and properties which are receiving additional focus. A warrant round-up is being planned. Wood asked about parking enforcement around the ball field and garage along Bridgeman Street down to Water Street. There is reduced parking on that side now because of the sand and gravel storage shed construction. Two dog complaints were discussed.

Wood is going to contact ODOT again regarding the slip on State Route 124 past Worchester Street. They have been notified multiple times and an official was on-site last year, but no action was taken despite the slip worsening, according to discussions.

Regarding the status of London Pool, which remained closed last summer, Cottrill told the Sentinel that the village is waiting for the weather to warm up enough to have pressure testing completed on the lines. Additionally, grants are being pursued to cover the cost of a commercial liner. Council is expected to discuss the pool further at the April meeting.

Resident Raven Reedy requested permission for a livestock permit to have three turkeys for her 4-H/FFA project for the county fair. After brief discussion, the permit was approved.

Amended Temporary Appropriations for 2019 were approved pending receipt of the official certificate and meeting of the finance committee to complete permanent appropriations.

The playground drainage was discussed. Council members Barry McCoy and Tom Weaver are willing to volunteer their time to work on the issue since a willing contractor cannot be found. Drain alternatives were debated.

Council member Michelle White said the Youth League was interested in scheduling a softball tournament for fundraising to go toward ball field repairs. A date is yet to be determined.

Bills, financial reports, and mayor’s report were distributed for signatures and approval.

The meeting was presided over by Mayor Eric Cunningham. Council members present were Barry McCoy, Rhonda Rathburn, Tom Weaver, and Michelle White. Other Village officials present included, Police Chief Mony Wood, Grants Administrator Fred Hoffman, Solicitor Rick Hedges, Firefighter Derek Roush and Fiscal Officer Crystal Cottrill. Also present was resident Raeven Reedy. Council members David Poole and Maria Schaefer were absent.

Information provided by Fiscal Officer Crystal Cottrill.

Pool discussion expected at April meeting