Meigs jobless rate remains high

Meigs, Noble counties tie for second-highest unemployment rate

By Lindsay Kriz -

POMEROY — As 2016 begins, Meigs County, according to the latest data, still has one of the highest unemployment rates as of the near-end of 2015.

According to information provided by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, as of two months ago the unemployment rate was 7.4 percent, which is tied with Noble County at 7.4 percent and is behind Monroe County, which as of two months ago had an unemployment rate of 9.7 percent.

According to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, this number fluctuated throughout 2015, with the highest rate of unemployment recorded in January 2015 at 10.5 percent. By May 2015, the number had fallen to 7.7 percent, with November listed as the latest data.

November’s unemployment rate is also one of the lowest Meigs County has ever seen. According to the Federal Reserve Bank, the highest number on the available chart — which goes back as far as Jan. 1, 1990 — unemployment in January 2010 was 17.4 percent. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the lowest unemployment rate listed in the past 25 years took place in May 2001, when unemployment in Meigs County was only 5.3 percent.

In comparison with nearby counties, as of November 2015, Jackson County ranked eighth out of 88 Ohio counties with a rate of 6.9 percent, Gallia County ranked 23rd at 5.8 percent, Athens, just two places behind, ranked 25th at 5.7 percent and Vinton County ranked 14th at 6.2 percent.

On the other side of the scale, the three counties with the lowest unemployment rates are Mercer, Medina and Geauga counties, with Mercer at 3.1 percent, and Medina and Geauga tied at 3.0 percent.

On a national level, as of November 2015, Ohio’s unemployment rate was only 4.4 percent, down 0.4 percent from the nation’s unemployment rate at 4.8 percent.

On a local level, Meigs County Job and Family Services, located at 175 Race St. in Middleport, is a local resource for those with questions about employment in the county.

For more information, call 740-992-2117 or 1-800-992-2608.

Meigs, Noble counties tie for second-highest unemployment rate

By Lindsay Kriz