Racine Council hears project updates

Staff Report

RACINE — Racine Village Council met Monday night for its regular monthly meeting hearing updates on projects in the village.

Mayor Scott Hill reported on the Elm Street sidewalk project (Tyree Blvd to State Route 124). He was scheduled to go to Athens on Wednesday for a pre-construction meeting. If weather permits the project should be completed by the end of May.

It was noted that the Village did not receive the Small Government Grant so there will be no paving on Elm Street in the sidewalk project.

The mayor reported that the Village Administrator had informed him of the following statistics regarding the village;s water system: 2009 — village pumped 50 million gallons of water; 2013 — pumped 56 million gallons (found leak on Oak Grove Road); 2018 — pumped 18,988,000 gallons of water. This was a reduction of more than 31 million gallons of water. Also in 2009 the water wells were pumped 5,441 hours, while in 2018 wells were pumped only 1,520 hours. This is a good savings on electricity and chemicals used to treat the water, and shows the efficiency of the current system.

Mayor Hill was authorized to proceed with the splash pad project for Star Mill Park pending the funding arrangements. He reported that the Sisters of St. Joseph have been in contact and approved the submission of the application for $13,000. Vortex Co. will be the vendor. Photos of the splash pad are on display at Village Hall.

Ray McComas of the Kinder Insurance Co was present and reviewed the village’s insurance coverage with the company The Village has participated in the Ohio Plan for 30 years. After the review council approved the insurance coverage.

Council adopted a permanent appropriation for 2019 in the amount of $624,570.

Council passed resolution asking Board of Elections to place on ballot a request of the voters for a 0.7 mil replacement levy for fire protection to replace current fire levy. Council also passed resolution requesting a new 1 mil levy for fire protection. The mayor indicated that the funds from his levy would be held in anticipation of replacing the 1985 fire truck.

Council approved the membership appointment of Colton Walters as a member of the fire department. The appointment comes on approval of the fire chief.

Mayor’s Court fines and costs collected January 2019 were $55 for State and $182 to the Village.

Minutes and financial information for January were reviewed and approved

Attending the meeting were Fiscal Officer Janet Krider, Mayor Hill, Council members Bob Beegle, Kevin Dugan, Chad Hubbard, Ashli Peterman, and Ian Wise. Absent was councilman Jeff Morris.

Council adjourned until Monday, March 4, at 6:30 p.m.

Information provided by Councilman Bob Beegle.

Staff Report