Third suspect arrested in ATM theft

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Trevor A. Knopp

Trevor A. Knopp

POINT PLEASANT — A third person has been arrested and charged with breaking into a local convenience store and stealing an ATM machine.

Trevor A. Knopp, 23, Henderson, was arrested by deputies with the Mason County Sheriff’s Department on Wednesday and charged with breaking and entering and grand larceny. He appeared in Mason County Magistrate Court where his bond was set at $100,000. As previously reported, also charged in this case, Kelsey Smith, 19 and Mason Smith, 20, siblings from Leon. Brother and sister were also charged with breaking and entering and grand larceny, with bonds also set at $100,000 each.

The incident occurred around 2:24 a.m. Tuesday morning and by shortly after 9:30 a.m. that same day, officers with the Mason County Sheriff’s Department were preparing to question Kelsey and Mason Smith. By Wednesday afternoon, deputies had Knopp in custody.

As reported yesterday, according to Sheriff Greg Powers and personnel at the sheriff’s department, surveillance video taken at Paul’s Exxon store outside Point Pleasant shows a 1991 Dodge sedan circling the parking lot and then ramming the front doors, shattering the glass. The video shows two suspects entering the store, dragging and literally pushing out the heavy ATM machine. A third person can be seen in the car and then standing outside the vehicle as the ATM is shoved out the door. The faces of the suspects are not identifiable in the video.

After law enforcement arrived on the scene, those associated with the store began posting video of the incident on social media sites, asking for information. Through these postings, a local mechanic thought he recognized the Dodge, telling deputies with the sheriff’s department he thought he’d recently put an inspection sticker on the vehicle. Using the records at the garage, a license plate was identified and that vehicle was identified as allegedly being owned by Kelsey Smith.

From there, law enforcement went to Kelsey’s address on Dunham Road in the Leon area where she and Mason were questioned and later arrested.

As for the ATM, after the interviews, law enforcement obtained information that it was abandoned on Brighton Road. Prior to officers getting to the machine, residents in the area had seen the videos on social media of the breaking and entering and recalled hearing loud “banging” noises near the area earlier in the day and figured they were connected – sure enough, they were. Residents found the machine in the woods and reported it to officers who were already on their way to the location.

Officers said a significant amount of money was gone from the ATM but not all of it. Personnel with the sheriff’s department believe the crime to be drug-related in nature. This investigation is ongoing.

Knopp, Kelsey and Mason Smith, are all currently housed at the Western Regional Jail.

Trevor A. Knopp A. Knopp

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Reach Beth Sergent at [email protected] or on Twitter @BSergentWrites.

Reach Beth Sergent at [email protected] or on Twitter @BSergentWrites.