Racine Council holds first meeting of 2019

Staff Report

RACINE — Racine Village Council had a lengthy meeting Monday night, covering the annual budget hearing, organizational meeting and regular meeting.

First the Council held the required Public Hearing on the 2019 appropriations with Council Pro Temp Ian Wise presiding over this session.

Following the Public Hearing, Mayor Scott Hill arrived and conducted the organizational meeting.

Wise was reelected to serve as Council Pro Temp. Mayor Hill advised that the various committees would be appointed as needed. Councilmen Kevin Dugan and Chad Hubbard were named as members of the Firemen’s Dependency Board, they serve with two fireman and a fifth member the group selects. Council readopted the council rules eastablishing meetings on the first Monday of the month.

Council then went into regular session, approving the minutes of the regular December and recessed meetings.

The 3rd and final readings of Ordinance 1070 and 1071 regarding code enforcement were approved. These ordinances will go into effect in 30 days.

Wise reported that the brake lines on the white cruiser were corroded and for safety reasons should be replaced. He will get quotes and get the repairs made.

He will also check the the lock on the rear door of the Explorer cruiser. Reportedly it can’t be unlocked with the key, but may be under warranty.

Council approved a temporary appropriations in the amount of $379,835. This will allow the fiscal officer to pay the bills. The permanent appropriations ordinance is expected to be passed at the March meeting,

Council discussed some mischief that is going on in town as well as dogs running loose. Marshal Bell will be contacting the owner of at least one of the dogs.

It was also noted that people are abusing the recycling by not putting appropriate items in the bin. A list of items is pictured on the recycling bin.

Mayor Hill reported that the last word he got was that the Elm Street sidewalk project should start in March. He also reported the Nature Works Grant has been submitted to ODNR. He also has received word that the Sisters’ Health Foundation could possibly fund a grant for items at the park pertaining to health and healthy activities.

Mayor advised that this Thursday (today) a representative of VORTEX playground equipment would be at the municipal building to work on items for the park grant.

Council adjourned until Monday, Feb. 4.

Information provided by councilman Robert Beegle.

Staff Report