For the Record

Meigs County Sheriff’s Office

Night Shift

Dec. 17

Deputy Snoke assisted both the Ohio State Highway Patrol and Middleport Police Department in separate searches for different subjects. Neither subject was located.

Deputy Snoke served two court papers and performed three house checks.

Dec. 18

Deputy Snoke transported one Meigs County inmate from the Washington County jail to the hospital for medical care.

Deputy Snoke also served one court paper, performed two house checks, and conducted one traffic stop which resulted in a warning for a vehicle defect.

Dec. 19

Deputy Snoke transported one inmate to the Monroe County Jail. Deputy Snoke also performed four house checks.

Dec. 20

Deputy Snoke assisted Sgt. Jones in locating a subject for a hit and run crash in Portland. Matthew Root of Coolville was arrested.

Deputy Snoke and Sgt. Jones also responded to Syracuse for a misuse of 911 call.

Deputy Snoke also took a report of a suspicious vehicle in the Minersville area and a report of a crash involving one car and a deer on US Route 33 near State Route 681.

Dec. 24

Deputy Snoke responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle in a cemetery on State Route 143. All cemeteries on State Route 143 were checked and no vehicle located.

Deputy Snoke also assisted a lost motorist and performed one house check.

Dec. 25

Deputy Snoke transported an inmate to the hospital for medical treatment.

Deputy Snoke also responded with several other deputies to a domestic complaint on Midkiff Road. The investigation at that call determined that no crime had been committed.

Dec. 26

Deputy Snoke assisted Racine Police with a pursuit and follow up investigation from that pursuit which ended on Tanners Run.

Deputy Snoke and Sgt. Jones responded to a domestic complaint on State Route 681 in Reedsville. Christopher Cowdrey of Reedsville was arrested for disorderly conduct.

Deputy Snoke also responded to a report of an attempted burglary in Minersville. There are no leads at this time.

Deputy Snoke also conducted two traffic stops.

Jan. 4

Dispatch received a call that a robbery had occurred on Zuspan Hollow Road. A deputy was dispatched and spoke with the caller who stated that he had received a call from his brother advising him that the neighbor had just ran a male off his property and he had been robbed. The caller stated that he had checked all his property, and nothing had been broken into and nothing was missing. The deputy patrolled the area to locate the suspect that had been seen on the property by the neighbor, but he was not located. No further action was taken on this call.

Jan. 5

Dispatch received a call reporting a truck stolen from Roy Jones Road. Sgt. Mohler was dispatched and completed the report. The victim advised that she believed that the suspect was going to be one of her grandsons and gave a possible location where he might be found on Zuspan Hollow. Sgt. Mohler and Deputy Stacy went to Zuspan Hollow Road and spoke to several subjects that had information about the stolen truck, but the vehicle nor the suspect were located. After word got around that the deputies were looking for the truck the office received a call that it had been left at the boat ramp in Cheshire. Deputy Stacy went and confirmed the truck was there. The owner was contacted, and the vehicle was returned. Charges are pending in this case.

Jan. 6

Dispatch received a call from a female that her daughter had left with her boyfriend and is refusing to return home. A deputy was sent to speak with the caller and it was determined that the child in question was 18 years old. The mother was advised that there was nothing we could do because the child in question was an adult. No further action was taken on this call.

Dispatch received several calls from family members of a domestic on Park Road. Deputy Stacy responded to the location of the alleged victim. After speaking with her it was determined that there was no domestic but there had been heated arguments over the phone about picking up property and medical supplies from her ex-husband for their children. Deputy Stacy stood by in the area while she went to the home and got the property she needed to ensure that the situation did not escalate. No further action was taken on this call.

Dispatch received a call from EMS advising of a possible over dose on Mile Hill Road. Deputies responded to the scene arriving at the same time as the squads. The subject was found unresponsive on the bathroom floor. He was treated with Narcan by the medics and regained consciousness. He was then transported to the ER. This incident remains under investigation and charges may be pending.

Jan. 7

Assault-Dispatch received a call from the Pomeroy Police Department advising that their officer was investigating an assault and it was determined that it had occurred in the county. A deputy was sent to speak with the subjects and was advised that the assault had occurred on Welchtown Hill, and the victim was at that location. Deputies went to the address on Welchtown Hill and spoke with the alleged victim. She advised that she had only been shoved by her friend’s boyfriend in an argument and she was not interested in filing any charges. No further action was taken on this call.

House Check Program

2018 end of year totals for the Sheriff’s Office’s house watch program were deputies had checked 87 properties for 1,508 times.