For the Record: Meigs County Sheriff’s Office

Day Shift

Nov. 26

Deputies provided 24-hour security from Nov. 23 through Nov. 29 for a Meigs County inmate transported to a medical facility.

Deputy Leggett was dispatched to the intersection of Union Avenue and State Route 7 due to a report of a vehicle in the roadway. The report was unfounded, no further action.

Deputy Leggett was dispatched to Darst Road in Portland for a well-being check at the request of children services. Negative contact was made, and children services was notified, no further action.

Deputy Leggett was dispatched to Farmer’s Bank in Tuppers Plains due to a report of an unruly customer on the premises. On arrival Deputy Leggett spoke with bank employees who advised that the customer became irate when informed that they could not honor her withdraw request as she did not have an account with the bank. A report was taken but no criminal charges were filed.

Deputies were dispatched to an address on New Lima Rd. in Rutland. The caller had been in the Sheriff’s Office earlier to report that a woman was temporarily staying at his home, however, was now refusing to leave. Upon arrival, deputies spoke with the woman who ultimately left the residence without further incident. No charges have been filed.

Deputy Patterson responded to a residence in Portland on an alarm activation. Upon arrival it was determined that a pest control company had set off the alarm. No further action needed.

Deputy Patterson responded to a residence in Rutland about a male subject talking about suicide. Deputy Patterson contacted the subject and after speaking with him, transported him to ER to speak with a counselor.

Nov. 27

Deputies transported four male inmates and one female inmate from different jails to the Meigs Sheriff’s Office, took them to court, and returned them to jail.

A deputy was dispatched to State Route 733 in reference to a vehicle sitting in a wide spot off the roadway and the driver appeared to be passed out. The deputy contacted the driver and it was found the driver had just stopped there to rest after a long shift at work. No further action was taken.

Sgt. Patterson responded to a residence in Racine on an alarm activation. Upon arrival Sgt. Patterson made contact with the property owner who said they accidentally set the alarm off. No further action needed.

Sgt. Patterson responded to a residence in Racine about people outside yelling and screaming trying to get them to come outside. After speaking with the people at the residence it was determined that the situation is an on-going issue between the subjects, and today was a verbal argument, no assault had taken place. Charges may be filed.

Nov. 28

A deputy was dispatched to State Route 124 in Reedsville in reference to a female calling a family member and advising that she had taken several pills because she is tired of living. The deputy arrived and made contact. The female agreed to go to the hospital, and she was transported by Meigs EMS. No further action was taken.

Several defendants were processed on their summons on indictments. Two inmates were also transported from Middleport to court for hearings.

Deputy Myers is investigating a report of domestic violence filed by a female in Syracuse. The female reported her husband struck her and put her in some kind on “hold”, which twisted her neck around from behind. Charges have been filed.

Deputy Snoke is investigating a report of a female receiving a call stating that her grandson was in trouble and needed some money. The female sent the $900 requested through Western Union, only to discover later that her grandson did not request or receive the money.

The Meigs County Sheriff’s Office would like to alert everyone to scams of this nature and ask that you not send any money or respond to phone call of this or similar circumstances. If you receive a phone call of this nature call 740-992-3371.

Deputy Barnhart responded to a call on Yellow Bush Road. A man stated he had been bit by a black and white dog running loose in the neighborhood. He stated he had called the Dog Warden as well. Deputy Barnhart patrolled the neighborhood searching for the dog but after some time was unable to find it.

Deputy Barnhart went to a home on Lasher Road. She stated that two pit bulls had come into her yard and attacked her dog. The investigation determined the dogs reportedly belonged to Micheal Pierce. Pierce was given a citation and was required to keep the dogs tied up.

A man on State Route 7 reported his generator had been stolen from his house in the night. The investigation is pending.

Deputy Martin conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle on Charles Chancey Drive for speeding in a school zone.

Nov. 29

While pulling into the 124 Mart, Deputy Martin was flagged down and advised an assault had just taken place at the 124 Mart. Deputy Martin met with the alleged victim at the fuel pumps. He advised he had a verbal altercation with his fiancé’s adult son. No marks or signs of physical violence apparent. No further action.