Local author releases new book

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ATHENS — Local author Chris Stewart is releasing a new book that expands on many topics related to coaching and life. It’s not just a book for coaches, but a book for anyone who needs a coach, which is everyone.

“Coaching Life” is the second book authored by Stewart, who has a passion for coaching and a love for people.

A release announcing the new book states, Stewart believes there is great value in giving the best you have to offer every single day so that someone else will be challenged to do the same.

Coaching Life lays out principles and practical ways we can each do just that. Stewart writes, “We are made with an intrinsically fascinating paradox of purpose. That is, we are most satisfied and happy when we give of ourselves to another.”

When we talk about coaching, we are not talking about helping people to win games. We are not really talking about games at all. Yes, there is a lot of sports talk in Coaching Life, but it is about so much more than sports. Coaching is about people, not games, not business projects, not organizations, or any other abstract thing. If there were no people, there would be no coaching. The coaching life is about loving people.

Stewart contends that we are all coaches. Every person in this life has someone else who looks to them from time to time for guidance, inspiration, motivation, and even correction. Likewise, he claims that every person needs a coach. In many ways, that’s what this book is — a coach. When you pick up a copy of Coaching Life you are not just buying a book. You are buying a coach. And you just might be buying life change.

Coaching Life is available online at Amazon.com in paperback and Kindle versions as well as barnesandnoble.com. Copies may also be purchased in person by contacting Stewart directly. He will also be available at book signings throughout the region, dates and times TBA.

In addition to Coaching Life, Stewart has authored Building Champions, also available at Amazon.com, and he blogs at chrismstewart.com. Stewart is a Meigs County native and former high school baseball coach.

Information provided by Chris Stewart.

Staff Report