Meigs candidates file for 2016 runs

By Lindsay Kriz - [email protected]

POMEROY — Candidates for Meigs County office openings have officially been recognized for the primary election March 15.

According to information released by the Meigs County Board of Elections, there are currently four individuals vying for positions against incumbents.

Republican Sammi Mugrage, currently a court reporter at the Meigs County Courthouse, will be attempting to win the clerk of courts position over incumbent Republican Diane Lynch.

In the run for a county commissioner seat is Republican Larry Tucker, who will vie for the position over current Republican incumbent Randy Smith. The full term for whomever wins this seat will begin Jan. 2, 2017. In the information provided the Board of Elections, another commissioners seat will be open for re-election, but no partisan candidates have applied for this particular position.

In the race for Meigs County prosecutor, incumbent Republican Colleen Williams will be challenged by Republican candidate James K. Stanley. Incumbent County Recorder Kay Hill, Republican, will face a challenge next year from Republican Huey Eason.

As of the moment, no partisan candidate has filed for the position of county coroner, leaving incumbent Douglas D. Hunter currently unchallenged. Current county engineer, Republican Eugene Triplett, will also run unopposed for re-election. Currently no partisan candidates have filed for the position of Meigs County sheriff.

County Treasurer Peggy Yost, a Republican incumbent, is running unchallenged.

In Meigs County, deadline for independent candidates to file is 4 p.m. March 14. Independent candidates will appear in the General Election on Nov. 8.

U.S. presidential candidates running in the Ohio primary as Republicans are as follows: Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, Chris Christie, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, Mike Huckabee, John Kasich, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Rick Santorum and Donald Trump.

Democratic candidates running for the presidential seat are as follows: Hillary Clinton, Roque De La Fuente, Martin O’Malley, Bernie Sanders and Willie Wilson.

By Lindsay Kriz

[email protected]