For the Record

Meigs County Sheriff’s Office

Day Shift

Nov. 1

The Meigs County Sheriff’s Office responded to State Route 681 to put down a deer that had been struck by a vehicle.

Deputy Leggett assisted Athens County Sheriff’s Office with an attempt to contact a suspect on Eden Ridge Road; negative contact.

Deputy Leggett met with Trooper Williams on State Route 143 in reference to an overdose that he had inadvertently came into contact with. Upon arrival, Trooper Williams advised the subject had already been transported to the Emergency Room. No further action.

Three females were transported back to Marysville Correctional Institution and one female was transported back to Crawford County Jail after they were done with court.

Nov. 2

Deputies were dispatched to the area of Pomeroy Pike in reference to a suspicious male. Deputies were able to make contact with the male and he was transported to his residence in Middleport.

Deputies responded to State Route 143 in reference to a verbal altercation between neighbors. Upon arrival, one of the neighbors had gone inside of his residence and refused to come out and speak with deputies. Deputies then spoke with three other neighbors who stated that they were verbally threatened. Charges have been filed for menacing threats and bench warrant has been issued.

Deputies executed a search warrant with Middleport PD on Leading Creek Road. Stolen property was found in the home and recovered.

Nov. 3

Deputies received a call from a resident on Noble Summit Road stating that a female who was intoxicated showed up at his residence. The caller did not know the female and she stated that she was trying to get home. Deputies responded to the residence and the female had left the home on foot. Deputies searched the area and were unable to locate the female.

Deputies responded to the area of US 33 near Rocksprings Road in reference to a child being on a bicycle near the highway. The caller described the child as “toddler age”. Deputies arrived on scene in four minutes however they were unable to locate any children. Deputies also spoke with several neighbors who stated they hadn’t seen any children in the area.

Nov. 4

Deputies took a report in reference to stolen license plates. The license plates were entered into the nationwide system known as “NCIC” as a stolen license plate.

Deputies received a report of a stolen vehicle in the area of Stiversville Road. Deputy Kirby and Sgt. Stewart responded to the scene and located the vehicle on Durst Ridge Road in Portland. The vehicle was occupied by a female who was found driving the vehicle. The female, Stacy C. Johnson, age 34, of Pomeroy was arrested without incident for receiving stolen property and was transported to the Middleport Jail.

Nov. 5

Deputies transported two male inmates from prison to court.

Deputy Leggett responded to Texas Road in reference to a juvenile making threats of suicide. The report came in from a third party who advised they spoke with the juvenile on the phone. The caller advised the juvenile made comments about cutting herself with a razor blade. After speaking with the juvenile, as well as the juvenile’s grandfather, the report was unfounded. According to the juvenile, there were no such threats and it was simply a misunderstanding. Deputy Leggett also noted there were no indications of self-harm, and the juvenile was not in possession of any weapons. Deputy Leggett then referred to Deputy Barnhart, the juvenile’s school resource officer, to request that the school counselor follow up with the juvenile to ensure that there were no further problems.

Deputy Martin was dispatched to an injured deer on US 33 near the State Route 7 exit. When he arrived, the deer was laying in the median at the edge of the road. The deer appeared to just be stunned, he soon ran across the road, jumped the guardrail, down into the woods.

Deputy Martin was contacted by Meigs High School Administration in reference to a juvenile student having nude photos of two other juveniles on his cellular phone. The juvenile was interviewed, and the cellular phone was seized as evidence. Charges are pending.

A female came to the office and reported that she was assaulted by her boyfriend. A statement was taken, and charges filed.

A deputy was dispatched to Stiversville Road in regard to a well-being check. The deputy spoke to the female and everything was okay. No further action was taken

Nov. 6

Deputies transported two male inmates from different jails to court and then returned them to jail.

A deputy was dispatched to Morning Star Road regarding a suspicious vehicle in the area. The vehicle was located, and the driver identified. The driver’s story checked out. No further action was taken.

A deputy was dispatched to Rowe Road in reference to a 911 hang up. It was determined that it was just a small child playing with a phone and called 911 accidentally. No further action was taken. Just a reminder to not let your kids play with an old cell phone because even without a plan they are still capable of calling 911

A deputy was dispatched to Coolville Road in reference to a well-being check. The female was located and spoken to. It was determined that everything was okay. No further action was taken.

A deputy was dispatched to Childrens Home Road in reference to a male trespassing at a business. A statement was taken, and charges were filed.

Sgt. Patterson responded to a residence on Nichols Road about an unruly autistic juvenile. After speaking with the juvenile, his guardian, and probation officer it was determined that the juvenile was going to be transported to Children’s Hospital in Columbus. No further action required.

A man reported the theft of a 1994 Kawasaki four-wheeler, a set of ramps, and a pull behind trailer, from Peach Fork Road. Anyone with any information on the theft is asked to call 740-992-3371.

Nov. 7

Deputy Leggett attended a recertification class at the Marietta OSP Post.

Deputy Leggett took a report of two individuals passing bad checks at Baum Lumber in Chester. This case is currently under investigation.

Deputies transported two female inmates and one male from jail to court and back again.

Deputy Martin was dispatched to a private property crash involving a Meigs Local School bus and a passenger vehicle. The crash took place on Meigs Middle School grounds following the dismissal of school. No injuries were reported, the bus and passenger vehicle suffered minor damages. All students were transferred to another bus to be transported home. The report was taken by Ohio State Highway Patrol.

Nov. 9

Deputy Martin was advised by Meigs High School Principal Travis Abbott that he had located one prescription pill and a lighter on a student and a prescription pill, two lighters, three vapes and multiple other vaping paraphernalia items on another student. The one juvenile allegedly had brought both pills to school and had given the other juvenile one of the pills. Deputy Martin seized these items for evidence, charges are pending for both juveniles.

Deputy Martin transported a juvenile to O’Blenness Hospital for a mental evaluation due to suicidal statements. This was completed at the request of Meigs High School administration and the juvenile’s guardian.