For the Record

Staff Report

Meigs County Sheriff’s Office

Night Shift

Oct. 22

Deputy Snoke checked a suspicious person call on State Route 143, Harrisonville. The person was not located after a check of the area.

Sgt Jones responded to McKelvey Road, Portland, to check for a suspicious vehicle in the Portland area. A patrol of the area was made, and no vehicle was located.

Oct. 23

Deputy Snoke arrested Matthew Ward on a warrant issued by Meigs Common Pleas Court.

Deputies performed seven house checks

Oct. 24

Deputy Snoke responded toCone Road for a well-being check.

Sgt. Jones responded to Yellowbush Road, Racine for an unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. Vehicle was located and returned to the owner.

Deputies performed three house checks and one jail transport from Monroe County to Meigs County Jail.

Oct. 25

Deputies performed five house checks and one jail transport.

Oct. 26

Dispatch received a call from a female on State Route 684 in Harrisonville advising she was having trouble with her husband and needed a Deputy. Sgt. Mohler arrived and was met by the male outside and he advised that he and his wife were separated, and she wanted him to leave. Sgt. Mohler then spoke with the female who advised the same thing. When asked if anything criminal had happened she advised no. Sgt. Mohler informed her that he could not make the male leave the home, that was a civil matter, but he would speak with him. When asked if he would consider separating for the night the male stated that he had already planned on leaving. He spoke with the female one more time and then left the home at the same time as the deputy. No further action was taken on this call.

Dispatch received a call advising of an argument Callaway Road. Deputies were dispatched and arrived on the scene. They were informed by the caller that his adult son was attempting to take his grandfather’s truck, and they would not allow it because he does not have a driver’s license. The son became upset and verbally abusive. Deputies then spoke with the son who advised that he had lost his cool but was over it now and knew he was wrong and should not have acted that way. After speaking with all parties involved the situation was calmed down and the son agreed to stay in a camper for the night. No further action was taken on this call.

Oct. 27

A female stopped by the Sheriff’s Office and expressed concerns about a subject living on Union Avenue possibly having a mental breakdown. A deputy spoke with her about the encounter and then went by and checked on the person in question. Nothing of concern was noted and no further action was taken.

Oct. 28

Dispatch received a call from ADT advising of and alarm on Darwin Road. They had spoken to the home owner and he advised that he was not in the home and would like it checked. A deputy was sent to the address and checked the property. Everything was found to be secure and no one was around. No further action was taken on this call.

Dispatch received a call from James Alarm advising of and alarm on Reibel Road. A deputy was sent to the address and check the property. Everything was found to be secure. No further action was taken on this call.

Dispatch received a call from a subject on Cremeans Road advising that a car with two males in it had pulled in to his driveway twice and he had run them off; they were now stuck in the mud on the side on the road. A deputy was sent to patrol the area. The car was gone when he arrived. The deputy contacted the caller and was advised that someone had come and pulled them out. No further action was taken on this call.

Oct. 29

Dispatch received a call complaining of the mental status of a male on Union Avenue. Deputies went to his home and he was not there. They were advised by a neighbor that he may be at a friend’s home in the Tuppers Plains area. He did not have an address of the residence but did give a description of it to the deputies. Deputies then went to the Tuppers Plains area to attempt to locate him. He was not found. The day shift officers were advised of the situation and are expected to follow up later with a well being check on the male when he returns home.

Dispatch received a call from a female on McKelvey Road in Portland advising the someone was messing around outside her house. When she looked out, she heard them run off. A deputy was sent and patrolled the area. No one was located.

Sgt Jones and Deputy Snoke took a call of a suspicious person at 229 North 3rd Street, Racine. A search was made of the area and the person wasn’t located.

Sgt Jones and Deputy Snoke took a report of a Domestic Complaint on Peterson Hollow Road. Caller advised her husband was beating her up, held her down on the couch and choked her. The suspect fled the scene before their arrival. The female left the residence for the night and charges are pending on the suspect.

Oct. 30

Sgt. Jones responded to the area of US 33 and Morning Star for a report of a dummy in the roadway. For the third year in a row someone has made a life like dummy and laid it in the roadway on Halloween. Several calls were taken about this and a couple accidents almost occurred. The dummy was relocated to the Village of Racine. Where he now resides with Oscar the Grouch in a local dumpster.

Deputy Snoke and Sgt Jones responded to Yost Road for a vehicle in a ditch. On their arrival, the driver had already fled the scene. The vehicle was towed from the scene and a search of the area was made for the driver. This incident is still under investigation.

Day Shift

Oct. 22

Meigs County Sheriff’s Office responded to an address in Syracuse in reference to a male individual making threats of suicide. Upon arrival, Deputy Leggett spoke with the individual and ultimately transported the male to the Holzer Emergency Room in Gallipolis for a voluntary psychological evaluation.

Several inmates were transported from local jails and out of county jails for court appearances

A deputy responded to Lighthouse Road in reference to an argument over a civil issue. The deputy arrived on scene and found no one home. No further action taken

Deputies served five court papers.

Deputies registered two sex offenders.

Oct. 23

Meigs County Sheriff’s Office transported two male inmates, and five female inmates, from various jails, to court and returned them to jail or prison.

A deputy responded to Peterson Hollow in reference to a wellness check. The deputy contacted the female, and everything was alright. No further action was taken.

Deputies collected 52 pounds of discarded prescription medicine from the drop box, located at the Meigs County Sheriff’s Office, and placed it into the evidence room to be destroyed.

Oct. 24

Deputy Leggett responded to Fourth Street in Racine in reference to an unresponsive female. Upon arrival the female was found to be unresponsive and later confirmed deceased inside the residence. After Deputy Leggett’s initial assessment of the scene emergency medical personnel was advised to respond. The deceased was then transported by request of the Meigs County Coroner’s Office to the Montgomery County Coroner for an autopsy.

Meigs County Sheriff’s Office transported two male inmates from jail to court and back again.

Deputy Leggett was dispatched to Bigley Ridge Road due to reports of someone burning tires. Deputy Leggett patrolled Bigley Ridge but was unable to locate any fire.

Sgt. Patterson responded to a residence in Pageville about a male subject indicating suicidal thoughts. Sgt. Patterson contacted the male and later transported him to Meigs County Sheriff’s Office where he met with a counselor from Hopewell.

Oct. 25

Meigs County Sheriff’s Office transported one male inmate from Pickaway County Correctional to court.

Staff Report