Meet the Candidate: Shawna Roberts

Shawna Roberts

Shawna Roberts

Editor’s Note: As we approach the November General Election, The Daily Sentinel will be running articles allowing the candidates in contested races to introduce themselves and tell the voters why they are running for office. Each candidate is asked, in their own words, to respond to two questions — tell us about yourself and why are you running for this office.

POMEROY — Shawna Roberts (D-Belmont County) is one of two candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives 6th District in Ohio.

Tell us about yourself:

I have lived in this district for over 16 years, and raised my five children here. We own a small property in Belmont County. My husband and I owned a commercial beekeeping business for 15 years, until the great recession of 2009. I have worked in offices, in agriculture and small business, and in food service. My husband is a truck driver. My sister is in IBEW, and my brother is a teamster. I know what it’s like to work hard and to struggle. I believe that if working folks get a fair shake, we can achieve anything.

Why are you running for this office:

I believe that this region has been ignored by the current representative. This is the best area of the country, with the most hard-working, kindest, toughest folks in the country. They deserve someone in Washington who actually pays attention to the needs of the region instead of paying attention only to their big donors and special interests.

I am a mom, which means that I am used to considering the needs of other people and figuring out how to meet those needs on a limited budget. I think it’s time that we had someone in Washington with those skills.

Shawna Roberts Roberts