Food lables topic for recent Tops meeting

By Lorna Hart -

Pictured is Pat Snedden, Kops Reinstatement member

Pictured is Pat Snedden, Kops Reinstatement member

TUPPERS PLAINS — Pat Snedden from Tops 2013 in Tuppers Plains was recognized for becoming a Kops Reinstatement member at a recent Tops meeting.

Tops is a national program with local chapters that provide support and education for members during their weight-loss efforts.

Her effort of meeting her weight goal for the second time has taken her three years and she was congratulated with a yellow rose and Kops Reinstatement Certificate.

Snedden is co-leader of the Kops in the Tops, a group made up of Tops members who meet the weight goal set by their doctor. After their goal is met they become a member of Kops. The member then has a 10-pound range in which they must stay to maintain their status. If a member’s weight fluctuates above or below the 10-pound range, they have two weeks to comply before losing their Kops status and reverting to a Tops member.

Leader Connie Rankin called the meeting to order with the Tops and Kops Pledges recited by the seven members present. The weekly recognition for best weight loss winner went to Nola Easterling, who received the contents from the fruit and veggie basket. Mary Rankin was the runner-up, and they both received certificates.

Encouragement songs were sung and the upcoming Christmas party discussed.

Rankin presented a program on reading and understanding food labels and an open discussion followed. The meeting closed with members singing the Enthusiasm Song and the reading of the Helping Hand Circle to encourage each other to have a “better week next week.”

Tops No. 2013 meets every Monday at 6 p.m. at St. Paul United Methodist Church on St. Rt. 7 in Tuppers Plains. Anyone interested may attend a free meeting and should contact Connie Rankin at 740-667-6329 for more information. Visit their website at

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Pictured is Pat Snedden, Kops Reinstatement member is Pat Snedden, Kops Reinstatement member

By Lorna Hart