For the Record (Part II)

Meigs County Sheriff’s Office

Night Shift

Sept. 3

Deputy Sizemore responded to Fourth Street, Racine, for a civil dispute. Report taken at the scene.

Deputy Sizemore responded to a residence on Cherry Street, Syracuse. Caller advised someone had set a box of oily rags on fire at his residence. Report taken at the scene.

Deputy Sizemore and Sgt Jones responded to North Main Street, Rutland, for a possible domestic dispute. Both parties denied a physical confrontation and separated for the night

Deputies performed three house checks and four vehicle stops.

Deputy Leggett responded to a residential alarm activation in Syracuse. Upon arrival Deputy Leggett spoke with the property owner who advised that she was having trouble with the alarm system and that her phone was not working so she could not call the alarm company. She requested that our office call the alarm company for her to advise them of the problem. Deputy Leggett then requested that dispatch contact the alarm company. No further action.

Deputy Leggett responded to an unknown disturbance on Mile Hill Road in Racine. Upon arrival Deputy Leggett contacted a woman who advised that she had been yelling, as she was upset about some personal issues. No further action.

Deputy Leggett is investigating a report of breaking and entering on White Oak Road. Deputy Leggett collected information on three individuals allegedly entering an unoccupied structure by means of breaking a window. Deputy Leggett received information on one possible suspect and attempted to contact that individual. However, was unsuccessful in locating that individual. Investigation is ongoing.

Deputy Leggett, as well as Sergeant R. Patterson, responded to a report of a domestic disturbance at Fourth Street in Racine. Deputy Leggett was assisted by Sergeant Oliver of the Syracuse Police Department. Upon arrival Deputy Leggett spoke with a female while Sergeant Oliver spoke with a male. Upon speaking with both parties, it was determined that there was insufficient evidence to charge either party criminally. Both parties were advised to separate for the night. No further action.

Sept. 4

Deputy Sizemore and Sgt. Jones responded to Rocksprings Road Pomeroy for a possible domestic dispute. Kyle M. Wolfe, 29 Pomeroy, was arrested for a warrant issued out of Meigs County Court.

Sept. 5

Deputies conducted six house checks and five vehicle stops.

Sept. 9

Deputies processed and registered one sex offender.

Deputies took a report in reference to a saddle stolen from State Route 681. The investigation is ongoing at this time.

Sept. 10

Deputies Sizemore and Snoke responded to neighbor dispute. After arriving, both parties were arguing over property neither of them owned and were informed to contact the property owner.

Deputies preformed seven house checks and five vehicle stops with one stop resulting in the arrest of Dillion Blankenship, 22, of Racine, on Common Pleas warrant.

Five male inmates and one female inmate were transported from jail to court from various jails.

Deputy Myers responded to New Portland Road regarding a patient that was locked inside a house and was yelling for help. Deputy Myers had to force entry into the house for EMS where the patient was found injured and was unable to get up. The patient was transported by EMS.

Deputy Riley responded to Main Street, Rutland, to assist the fire department with a water rescue. After arrival, it was determined that the vehicle was left there from the night before and there was no immediate emergency. The water in the roadway was lower than the previous night and the vehicle was removed.

Deputy Riley responded to State Route 325 with EMS for an elderly female needing unknown medical assistance. Deputy Riley arrived first on scene and made contact with the caller, and she advised she needed basic home health assistance due to high water and her nurse aide couldn’t make it. Assistance was given.

Deputy Riley responded to State Route 143 on report of a domestic violence between two juveniles. Once on scene, Deputy Riley learned that one juvenile struck the other younger juvenile in the face. Deputy Riley arrested to primary physical aggressor and he was transported to juvenile court.

Sept. 11

Deputy Snoke and Sgt Jones responded to Beech Grove Road for a possible burglary. One stolen four-wheeler was recovered at a residence with the occupants of the residence denying knowledge of how it got there. The incident is still under investigation.

Deputies preformed five house checks and three vehicle stops.

Deputy Snoke transported one inmate to Morrow County for incarceration.

Deputy Myers responded to Mulberry Street in Rutland for a female reportedly passed out in a silver car sitting in the middle of the roadway. A woman was allegedly found passed out with the vehicle running and in gear, with paraphernalia and narcotics laying around her. She was transported to the Meigs ER by Meigs EMS. Charges are pending.

Four inmates were transported from various jails to court and then returned to jail.

Sept. 12

Deputies preformed six house checks and followed up on several case involving thefts in the Pageville area.

Deputies patrolled State Route 681 between Alfred and Tuppers Plains after a female stopped Deputy Snoke and informed him that her husband became enraged after her boyfriend revved his car engine in front of their residence. Neither vehicle was located, and no more calls were taken from the female.

Deputies Leggett and Myers responded to a residence on Leading Creek Road in Middleport, about suspicious individuals on the property. Upon arrival it was discovered that the individuals had permission from the home owner’s son to be on the property. However, the home owner stated he did not want the individuals there. The subjects were advised to leave the property. No further action.

Deputy Leggett received a call from the Gallia County Municipal Court, probation department, advising that, a man who is living on Laurel Cliff Road is on home confinement but has been leaving the area he is restricted to. Gallia County Municipal Court advised if the individual did not contact him within 24 hours he would issue a warrant for his arrest. Deputy Leggett, with assistance from Deputy Myers, attempted to contact the individual at his residence but had no contact.

Deputy Leggett was dispatched to a private property vehicle accident at The Tire Barn in Pomeroy. An accident report was made. No further action.

Deputy Leggett responded to a call to assist Pomeroy PD with a call regarding an active breaking and entering occurring on Condor Street in Pomeroy. Upon arrival it was discovered to be unfounded. No further action.

Deputy Myers responded to Bigley Ridge Road about a wellness check. The male had not been to his scheduled appointments. He was found to be okay. He had not been able to get a ride to the appointments.

Sept. 13

Deputies preformed six house checks.

Deputy Sizemore transported a female inmate to Franklin County Jail.

Deputy Snoke investigated a vandalism call on Third Avenue in Reedsville, where a hole was knocked in a garage door. Report was taken at the scene.

Deputy Riley responded to New Lima Road on report of a female unresponsive/possible overdose. Upon arrival, the female was awake but very disoriented. Deputy Riley located a plastic baggy containing alleged heroin, in the possession of the female. The female was transported to Holzer ER, and charges are pending.

Deputies drove 702 miles transporting inmates from the facilities where they were being held and brought them back to Meigs County for scheduled court appearances.

Deputies responded to State Route 124 in Racine after receiving a call from a homeowner who was out of town and had received a phone call stating that someone may be inside of his residence. Deputies arrived on the scene and entry was made with the homeowner’s consent. After a search of the residence deputies did not find anyone inside.

Sept. 14

Deputies were dispatched to Enterprise Road after receiving a call from the Gallia County Sheriff’s Office who requested assistance in the arrest of a male who was placed on an ankle monitor in Gallia County. The subject had failed to charge the monitor or had cut it off. Deputies were unable to make contact with the subject at the address provided.

Deputies took a report of a vehicle that was stolen just outside of the city limits of Pomeroy. After speaking with the vehicle owner, it was determined that the keys were inside of the vehicle at the time of the theft. Deputies have a suspect in this case and it is pending at this time.

Sept. 15

Deputies took a report of an animal complaint where a dog was allegedly trespassing on a neighbor’s property and attempting to kill the neighbor’s chickens. The investigation is ongoing at this time.

Deputies served 12 subpoenas requiring the individuals to appear in court.

Deputies processed several applications for concealed carry weapons.