Middleport PD warns of fake money

Staff Report

MIDDLEPORT — In a notice to businesses and residents, Middleport Police Chief Bruce Swift warned of complaints regarding individuals attempting to pass fake money.

“During the past week Officers of the Middleport Police Department have been investigating several complaints about people trying to pass fake money. The money in question is not legal tender and is often referred to as prop money or movie money and upon close inspection can easily be determined to be fake,” wrote Swift.

“Some of the bills may have the words ‘Copy’ or ‘Movie Money’ written on the bills. Some also have Oriental writing in red characters on the front or back of the bills,” noted the chief.

Swift concluded, ” Middleport PD strongly encourages all businesses and individuals to take time to inspect bills during any cash transactions and contact local Law Enforcement if you should receive any of this fake currency. The Meigs County Prosecuting Attorney has been consulted about possible criminal charges stemming from these incidents.”

Staff Report