Middleport PD reminds residents to secure property

Staff Report

MIDDLEPORT — In a statement on Tuesday, Middleport Chief of Police Bruce Swift reminded residents to “secure your property.”

“This friendly reminder to Middleport residents is being posted due to recent surge in property crimes in Middleport,” wrote Swift. “Thieves are opportunistic and will steal just about anything that they see that is not secured in some way.”

The statement continued, “Please do not leave bicycles, scooters, toys or any tools, lawn equipment or anything else in plain sight and unsecured. Keep all garages, outbuildings and sheds locked and secured at night and when not actively being used. The use of outdoor lighting and motion sensors can help deter thieves.”

“Do not leave any items in sight in parked vehicles and do not leave vehicles unlocked even when parked in your driveway.”

“It is sad that these steps must be taken to protect our homes and property that we work hard for every day, but we must understand that society has changed and there are many people out there that do not have any respect or morals and do not care about you, your property or how hard you have worked for what you have,” concluded Swift.

Staff Report