Helping out one yard at a time

Staff Report

POMEROY — For a 12-year-old summer can be a time to relax, have fun and take a break from school, but for one 12-year-old, his summer plan is to help those in need.

Markus Eblin made it his goal for the summer to mow 50 yards for older individuals or those in need in the area. Eblin was recognized by the Meigs County Commissioners last week as he continues to work toward that goal.

As of last week Eblin had completed nine yards, but is currently delayed as his push mower is down and in need of repair.

The resolution approved by the commissioner recognized Elbin for his community service, reading in part,

Meigs County is full of youth that in spite of their school, home, and sports schedule still play a huge role in making our community better,

Markus Eblin is one such member of our community,

Markus had started a summer project of mowing yards for our aging population and those in need at no cost to them,

The Meigs County Commissioners by resolution hereby recognize Mr. Marcus Eblin as an outstanding member of our community and are proud of his efforts and the example he is to others,

The Meigs County Commissioners encourage all citizens to pay it forward and lend a helping hand wherever we can to continue to make our community better.

In addition to recognizing Eblin for his efforts, the commissioners provided him with ear protection, eye protection, gloves and a water jug to be used when he is mowing.

Anyone who is elderly or disabled and needs help with their yard may contact Eblin’s mom Brittany at 740-856-2118.

In other business, the commissioners approved payment of bills in the amount of $220,184.04, with $21,087.64 from the general fund.

A now and then payment in the amount of $23,030 was approved to Duncan & Daniels Enterprises LLC for the health department.

A reimbursement of $1,260 was placed into the common pleas line item for GPS monitoring for defendants James Tyler Stewart ($500), Angie Clark ($620), Della Casteel ($70), and Harley McDonald ($70).

Appropriation adjustments were approved as submitted by the Veterans Service Office to move funds into the equipment line item.

Staff Report