Discussions on London Pool continue

Staff Report

SYRACUSE — The future of London Pool in Syracuse remains a topic of discussion for village officials as they await evaluations on the structural integrity of the pool.

During the recent Syracuse Village Council meeting councilman David Poole stated he believes a full evaluation of the structure is needed.

One company contacted by Poole is booked until the fall, while the company contacted by fiscal officer Crystal Cottrill is too busy with current pool season openings to take new projects.

Village resident Debbie Clay stated at the meeting she had a couple of anonymous donors interested in donating, but they were concerned by rumors of the pool not opening.

Poole explained to Clay that Council was going all in on the pool this year with the planning and management, and the goal is now to reopen the pool next year.

Council stated they plan to refund donations if the pool is unable to open for some unforeseen reason. Mayor Eric Cunningham reassured Clay that if for some reason the pool does not open, donors would get their money back.

Councilwoman Rhonda Rathburn said Council’s intent is to do a thorough, long-lasting repair rather than a “band aid” quick fix.

Resurfacing or relining the interior of the pool appear to be the best options at the moment, but a pool expert’s opinion is needed, according to council minutes provided by Cottrill.

Poole outlined some of the suggestions Ratliff’s (a pool company) gave him for the pool repair, discussing ongoing maintenance. There was further discussion of possible repairs and the need for a complete evaluation of the lines, pumps, etc. before proceeding. The need to have the evaluation complete before the pool can be refilled was agreed upon by Council, and concerns were raised about leaving the pool empty. Cottrill is to consult with additional pool companies for expert opinions as soon as possible.

As previously reported, Syracuse Village Council made the unanimous decision in May to not open London Pool for the 2018 season. The decision to keep the 40-year-old pool closed was based in part on concerns over structural integrity of the pool. The closure for 2018 will allow for time to evaluate the pool and determine what steps need to be taken in order to open for the 2019 season.

At the time of the decision for the pool to remain closed, Cottrill stated, “The village is morally and legally responsible to ensure the pool is structurally stable, safe, and clean. Rather than delaying the opening indefinitely and putting the entire staff and community on hold while the necessary inspections, fundraising, and repairs are done, council unanimously agreed this was the best decision for everyone involved.”

Staff Report