Council joins Ohio Municipal League

By Lindsay Kriz -

POMEROY — Pomeroy Council on Monday agreed to join the Ohio Municipal League in 2016.

The League is an organization of municipal governments from around the state, according to their website. Fiscal Officer Sue Baker said that the fee each year to join is $510. She said that if a mayor in a village presides over court, the League provides training for the mayor twice per year at the Ohio Bar Association in Columbus. Baker said the village did not join this year. Mayor Jackie Welker was not able to attend Monday night’s meeting.

Baker also showed council that the village’s general fund has a higher balance than it did at council’s most recent meeting. During the last council meeting, council gave Baker permission to transfer funds from the FEMA fund into the general fund, which was then transferred into the sewer and street funds. Baker said that before the money was transferred, the sewer fund balance had a deficit of approximately $389,000.

Council agreed to transfer $216,200 from the general fund into the sewer fund and $72,066 from the general fund into the street fund. Baker said all the money coming from the FEMA balance was allowed to be transferred into the general fund, and from there could be dispersed where council felt best.

Mitch Altier, from M-E Industries Inc., brought to council some pay requests for projects happening in the village. Pullins Excavation, who is working on the Lincoln Terrace project, made a payment request, and DV Weber Construction, who is completing Pomeroy downtown street and sidewalk paving, made a request.

Altier also said he had some invoices from M-E Industries as well, and said that DV Weber have also started milling 2nd Street and side streets to be repaved. Altier said that if there is money left from the paving and sidewalk projects, they also plan to redo the sidewalk on the corner of 2nd Street and Butternut Avenue.

Lastly, Altier talked about the current slip project, and said Pullins has the anchors going in place now, with one being completed per day. However, Altier said they hoped to speed that up, and once the anchors are in and the wall is able to be backfilled, they can put in the utilities and the road can be done in hopefully two, but possibly three weeks.

More discussion took place over the potential Ordinance 774, which would be a water debt fee for Pomeroy water customers. However, no action was taken on the ordinance.

Nelson Morrison, a village employee, said that his vacation time didn’t match up with how much he actually should have, and council voted to move discussion until the next meeting while members find paperwork regarding Morrison’s time off. Minutes were also approved for Nov. 2, along with the Mayor’s Report and bills totaling $22,710.05, although bill discussion led to a discussion about various police cars and their uses.

The next council meeting is set for Monday, Dec. 7 at 7 p.m.

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By Lindsay Kriz