Vets visit Carleton Schools

Carleton School and Meigs Industries Inc. received visitors Tuesday morning in the form of former veterans visiting the school for a presentation in the school’s gymnasium. Each visitor introduced themselves and what organizations they represented, performed the Pledge of Allegiance and folded the American flag, explaining what each fold represented. There are 13 folds in all. Lastly, visitors and students alike went outside to watch the flag hoisted to half mast as “Taps” played. The origins of “Taps” was also discussed. Visiting veterans, respectively, were Jim Bailey, of Disabled American Veterans and American Legion Post 128, Charlie Mugrage, Veterans of Foreign Wars 9053, Tom Kibble, Post 128, Jack Mays, VFW 9053, Dewey Smith, commander of Post 128, Allen Graham, American Legion Post 602, Dan Spurlock, VFW 9053, DAV and Post 128, Tyson Mugrage, VFW 9053 and Eldridge Gross, VFW 9053 and Post 128.