Throwback Thursday: 2nd Ward Fire Co.

This photo from 1950 shows members of the 2nd Ward Fire Company on Condor Street in the village of Pomeroy in front of their building which is now where Gravely Tractor Sales is located. Among those pictured, according to a listing with the photo, were (front) Herman Werry, Hank Young, Ted Mankin, Charles Werry Sr., Charles Werry Jr., William Bill Young, Robert Arnold, (back) Albert Dornick Young, Adam Ebersbach, Dwight Parker, A.V. Howell, Henry Yellow Werry,Robert Chick Reibel, Jack Stivers, Frank Gress, Johny Terrel, Glenn Punk Dill, Franklin Pete Hepp, Robert Polly Morris, Frank Chapman, Will Evis Ebersbach, Bud Spence, Charles “All American” Russell, and the Sheriff Henry Werry, the fire chief now.

Editor’s Note: Throwback Thursday is a new weekly feature in partnership with the Meigs County Historical Society. As Meigs County approaches its 200th birthday in 2019 we are taking a look back at the county, its landmarks, events and people throughout the years.