No opening day for London Pool

Staff Report

SYRACUSE — The Syracuse Council recently met for its regularly scheduled meeting and have unanimously decided to not reopen London Pool for the 2018 season.

Fiscal Officer Crystal Cottrill stated, “Syracuse Village Council has come to the difficult conclusion not to open London Pool for the 2018 season due to financial, structural, health and safety concerns. As the only remaining pool in Meigs County, all of the officials and employees of Syracuse Village are acutely aware of the importance of operating the pool in a fiscally responsible manner while prioritizing the safety of the community.”

Cottrill explained more decisions will need to be made regarding the pool once its structural integrity is discovered. She commented at the emergency meeting last week regarding repairs needed for the Fibre-Tech coating on the pool led to the discovery of structural issues in the concrete decking and along the walls of the pool. After the council consulted with the Meigs County Health Department and the Ohio Department of Health, the village secured the services of a structural engineer.

Cottrill stated, “The village is morally and legally responsible to ensure the pool is structurally stable, safe, and clean. Rather than delaying the opening indefinitely and putting the entire staff and community on hold while the necessary inspections, fundraising, and repairs are done, council unanimously agreed this was the best decision for everyone involved.”

Cottrill said updates will be given when more information is available.

Staff Report