For the Record

Meigs County Sheriff’s Office

March 27

Deputies responded to assist Rutland Fire Department with a large tire fire on Carsey Road. After their arrival they were advised that the Health Department and the EPA would be handling the call.

March 28

Dispatcher received a call that there was a male at the south bond rest area offering sexual favors. The report was that he was wearing a red shirt and has white hair/beard. The Ohio State Patrol was contacted as they handle all crimes on state property.

Deputies responded to Oak Hill and Scout Camp Road for a woman standing on the bridge. A driver had drove by and thought she looked in distress. On their arrival, they found the woman to be fine and transported her to a residence on Texas Road.

March 30

Deputies responded to Happy Hollow Road where caller advised she could hear someone outside of her residence talking. She looked outside and believed she saw a subject walking toward one of her storage trailers. Deputies searched the area, and nothing was found.

April 7

Deputy Sizemore and Sgt. Stewart interviewed a nurse’s aide in reference to a previous report of stolen medication. The suspect confessed to the theft of a schedule II narcotic and the case will be presented to a Meigs County Grand Jury.

Sgt. Stewart processed two applications for concealed carry permits.

April 8

Deputy Sizemore and Sgt. Stewart followed up on a report of a stolen Polaris Razr for the Belmont County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputy Sizemore and Sgt. Stewart responded to Salem School Lot road in reference to a possible domestic violence incident and drug overdose. The suspect fled the scene into the woods prior to the deputies’ arrival. After a search of the area deputies were unable to locate the suspect.

Deputies responded to a domestic violence incident on Bailey Run Road. Upon the deputy’s arrival, the parties were already separated and declined charges however one of the parties left the residence for the evening.

Deputy Sizemore conducted a traffic stop at the 124 Mart for a marked lanes violation. Deputy Sizemore conducted a probable cause search of the vehicle after smelling the odor of marijuana. Marijuana was located inside of the vehicle and the suspect was released from the scene.

April 9

Sgt. Stewart processed four applications for concealed carry permits and registered two sex offenders.

Deputies responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle in the area of Long Hollow Road. Upon deputies’ arrival the vehicle had already fled the area.

Deputies responded to State Route 143 near State Route 689 in reference to a vehicle pulling in and out of a resident’s driveway. The vehicle was described as a black GMC Suburban. Deputies searched the area but was unable to locate the vehicle.

Deputy Sizemore, Deputy Stacy, and Sgt. Stewart were dispatched to a domestic violence call on Union Avenue. Due to no physical altercation taking place, both parties were separated for the night and no further action was taken.

April 12

Deputies conducted a well-being check on Beech Grove Road in Rutland. Deputies made contact with the individual and he was fine.

Sgt. Stewart registered two sex offenders.

Deputy Sizemore responded to a report of a vehicle driving the wrong way on State Route 7 in the area of Five Points. Deputy Sizemore patrolled the area but was able to locate any vehicles traveling in the wrong direction.

April 13

Deputies arrested Lee Fitchpatrick on an indictment out of the Meigs County Common Pleas Court for multiple counts of drug trafficking and possession of drugs.

Night Shift

April 14

Dispatch received a call from a concerned friend advising of a male in Syracuse that had sent them text messages claiming that he was going to harm himself. A deputy was sent to the residence and while speaking with him noticed several fresh cuts on his wrist and convinced him to allow the deputy to transport him to the ER to be checked out. At the ER, his injuries were treated, and he received a mental health screening and was admitted to ABH in Athens for treatment.

Dispatch received a call of a possible domestic around Mt. Moriah Church on Mile Hill Road near Racine. A deputy was dispatched and spoke with the caller, who advised that they could hear a man and a woman arguing and it sounded like they were on a motorcycle. The deputy patrolled the area, and nothing was found.

Dispatch received a call about a male walking in traffic on State Route 124 near Minersville. A deputy was dispatched and arrived on scene and found David J. Wolf Sr., age 34, of Racine reportedly walking in the road impeding traffic. Contact was made, and it was determined that he was reportedly intoxicated. He apologized for causing trouble and advised that he and his wife, who just parked down the road, had been arguing. He also lived only a short distance away and was advised by the deputy to return to his home and stay out of the roadway. As he walked past his wife he allegedly started yelling profanities and kicked the taillight out of the car. He was arrested and transported to the sheriff’s office and cited for disorderly conduct. While being processed it was discovered that he had a warrant for his arrest in Middleport. After the deputy finished his paperwork, he was turned over to a MPD officer and transported to Middleport.

Dispatch received a call from a resident of State Route 681, Albany, advising that she had allegedly been assaulted by her daughter’s boyfriend and they had left and went to Athens County. A deputy was dispatched to the home to take a report. He arrived and spoke with the caller and had her complete a written statement. She advised she had allegedly been choked and shoved to the floor by Harold J. Spears, age 31 of Athens. She also reported she had allegedly been slapped in the face and shoved by her daughter Danielle L. Bailey, age 24 of Albany and then they both left the scene. The report was completed, and criminal charges have been signed on both suspects — an assault charge on Spears and a domestic violence charge on Bailey. At the time of this news release neither suspect has been located.

Dispatch received a call from a resident of Johnson Road advising he has returned home from being out of town for several days and discovered that someone had broken into his home and stolen several items. A deputy arrived on scene and completed a report. Currently the incident remains under investigation.

April 15

Dispatch received a call from a resident of Neece Road, Middleport, advising she had come home to discover that someone has entered her house and stolen several items and some money. A deputy arrived and completed a report and was given the name of a suspect. Later that night a deputy was again dispatched to the same home for a prowler report. Currently these incident remains under investigation.

Dispatch received a call from a male on Elige Hill Road advising that someone was shooting a gun somewhere near his home. A deputy was sent and patrolled the area. Nothing was found.

April 16

As persistent rains moved through the area deputies spent most of their shift doing security checks and patrolling common areas for high water. Any flooded areas found were reported to the appropriate agencies.

April 19

Dispatch received a call from a resident of Columbus, Ohio, advising he had reported his car stolen to Columbus PD and it is located at an address on Crew Road in our county. Sgt. Mohler went out and located the car and ran its information through LEADS and it had not been entered as a stolen vehicle. Sgt. Mohler spoke with the female in possession of the car who produced a notarized bill of sale, signed by herself and the caller. She advised that they are in dispute over the payments, so he is trying to harass her with the police. The incident is determined to be a civil matter by the officer. The caller was advised any further false reports to our office would result in criminal charges on him. No further action was taken on this call.

Dispatch received a call about a pick-up truck driving reckless on Gibson Road. Caller stated that he had went up and down the road several times. A deputy was dispatched and patrolled the area and sat stationary for some time. Nothing was found. No further action was taken on this call.

April 20

Dispatch received a call from a female advising she has a temporary protection order against her husband and he just turned around in her driveway on Eagle Ridge. A deputy was sent to the residence and spoke with the caller. She stated she heard a noise and looked out to see a red pick-up driving away after it had turned around in her driveway. She did not see the driver to be able to confirm it was her husband, but it was a red truck like he drives. She was advised that a violation charge could not be filed on that information alone. The Deputy patrolled the area for some time to make sure if it was him he did not return. No further action was taken on this call.

Dispatch received a call from a female advising there is a male on Pine Tree Drive near Tuppers Plains swinging a pipe at passing cars. Deputies were sent to patrol the area. The subject was not located, no further calls were received.

A male subject from Fairfield County came to the Meigs Sheriff’s Office with an emergency custody order signed by a Fairfield County Judge giving immediate custody of his two grandsons to him. The papers were confirmed to be in order. Sgt. Mohler and Deputy Stacy went with the grandfather and located the children on Welchtown Hill in Minersville. The mother was advised of the situation and turned the children over without incident. No further action was taken on this call.

Dispatch received a call from Athens 911 advising they had received a hang-up call from an address on State Route 7 in Tuppers Plains and could hear children yelling. Deputy Stacy was sent the address and made contact. He was advised by the homeowner that he had given his grand kids an old phone to play with that had no service plan. Deputy Stacy explained that any charged cell phone whether it has a carrier or not will call 911. The homeowner advised he was unaware of that and would take the phone. No further calls were received.

April 21

Dispatch received a call of a possible prowler on Vance Road near Harrisonville. A deputy was sent and spoke with the caller and checked the area. Nothing was found.

Dispatch received a call from a resident in the Syracuse Trailer Court advising someone just cut the screen window on her residence and was scared off. Deputy Stacy was sent to the home to take a report. Damage was noted on one of the windows. Deputy Stacy searched the area and patrolled the surrounding homes. No one was located. This incident remains under investigation.

Dispatch received a call from a male advising that he was on US 33 near State Route 681 in a white pick-up and was being harassed by a subject on a motorcycle. The caller stated the suspect has kicked the side of his truck while he was driving at highway speed and also pulled in front of them and tried to force him to stop and then started kicking his truck again. The victim was able to get the tag of the bike before it turned around and went the other direction. Deputy Stacy went and met with the victim to complete a report and Sgt. Mohler went to the registered address of the motorcycle to make contact. It was determined that the motorcycle had been sold approximately 6 months ago. Sgt. Mohler was given the name of the subject that had purchased the bike. His information was found on LEADS and given to Deputy Stacy who went to that address. Negative contact was made at the suspects home. This incident remains under investigation and charges are pending.

April 22

Dispatch received a call of a possible overdose in the parking lot of a business establishment in the 39000-block of Ohio 143. Deputy Stacy arrived on scene and found a male laying in the parking lot with no pulse and not breathing and that several subjects had attempted first aid. Deputy Stacy administered two doses of Narcan to the subject and he started to regain consciousness. The squad arrived on scene and loaded him for transport. On the way to the ER the subject reportedly made the squad stop, he signed a release refusing treatment and got out along the road and left the area. This incident remains under investigation and charges may be pending. This was reportedly the fourth incident in which this subject has received Narcan injections from a deputy in the department, according to the sheriff’s office.

Dispatch received a 911 transfer from Athens 911 center. It was female advising that she was at the Darwin Store on State Route 681 and she was almost hit by a car. She thought it was her ex-boyfriend. A deputy was sent to complete a report. When he arrived on scene the store was closed, and no one was around. Dispatch attempted to call the victim back, but the number was to a prepaid phone with no minutes. The deputy remained in the area for a time to see if she would return. She did not return, and the office received no further calls about this incident. No further action was taken on this call.

April 23

Dispatch received a call from a man advising he heard a car spinning tires in front of his house. He got up and saw that the car had went to the Go Mart station in Tuppers Plains, so he went to see who it was. He arrived at the station and saw that the alleged suspect. He advised that the suspect chased him around the gas pumps with something in his hand and then rammed his car before leaving the scene. Deputy Stacy was sent to complete a report. This incident is currently being handled by Deputy Stacy at the time of this news release and the final determination of the outcome has not been decided.