Syracuse talks grants, London Pool

Staff Report

SYRACUSE — Syracuse Village Council recently met for its regularly scheduled meeting discussing grants and London Pool matters.

Grants Administrator Fred Hoffman reported the Village of Syracuse Police Department was granted the 2018 Office of Criminal Justice Services Grant (OCJS) for $11,316.47 for six months worth of officer wages.

Police Sgt. Michael Oliver formally introduced K.J. Tracy to the council. Tracy has been working as an auxiliary officer and has all of his training hours in. Council Member Rhonda Rathburn motioned to hire Tracy to work as a patrolman for $12 per hour and the council approved. Rathburn motioned to have Tracy and Jordan Snoke work on the OCJS grant as recommended by Police Chief Mony Wood and the council approved.

Hoffman noted the Natureworks Grant would be available in June. He explained Meigs County has been allocated approximately $27,000 and he encouraged council to begin coming up with ideas for an application. After discussion of possible ideas, Rathburn motioned to pass Resolution 3-28-18-1 authorizing Hoffman to prepare and submit an application to participate in the Community Development Block Grant Formula Program and the council approved. Rathburn motioned to pass Resolution 3-28-18-2 authorizing Hoffman to prepare and submit an application to participate in the CDBG Neighborhood Revitalization and the council approved. Potential projects for the Natureworks grant were discussed.

The contract from Professional Pool Management was discussed. Council Member David Poole asked Heather Dailey-Johnson, professional pool management representative, if the $8,500 management fee is a flat rate, or if it varies per pool. It was reported it was a flat rate regardless of size. Council Members Barry McCoy and Nicole Sampson explained they spoke with Ravenswood officials regarding the company’s management of their pool and both reported they received outstanding recommendations. Sampson was informed that the Ravenswood pool was nearing closure prior to contracting with Professional Pool Management, and their services have helped turn the pool around financially.

Rathburn motioned to enter executive session to discuss pool personnel matters with council.

On return from executive session, McCoy asked Dailey-Johnson what would happen if a contract is signed and a catastrophe occurred mid-season or prior to opening. After consulting a fellow professional pool management representative, Daily-Johnson explained it would depend on the circumstances because some outstanding expenses such as payroll and insurance would be incurred if something happened mid-season. Rathburn asked if something occurred during the first month of operations, if the first payment plus incurred expenses would be sufficient, or if the second and third payments would be required. The first payment would be due no matter what. After discussion, Rathburn motioned to enter into a contract with Professional Pool Management LLC, pending the following changes to the presented contract: addition of a statement certifying that in the event of a catastrophe, only the first payment would be required. The pool will be opening Saturday, May 26 and closing Saturday, Aug. 11.

Sampson asked to schedule a meeting to review and compare current London Pool policies and Professional Pool Management, LLC’s policies. Rathburn motioned to pay the pool licensing fees and the council approved. Rathburn motioned to approve purchases of reagents, chemicals, thermometers, umbrellas (if needed), concessions, paint, and all other necessary operational items and supplies and the council approved. Rathburn motioned to hire Pool Masters to open the pool and the council approved.

Rathburn motioned to authorize Poole to apply for the Walmart Community Foundation grant and the AEP Ohio Contributions grant and the council agreed.

Cottrill suggested scheduling a special council meeting to discuss pool fundraising. The meeting is set for Thursday, April 5 at 6 p.m.

In other business, Oliver and council discussed residents have been requesting a syringe disposal system/ “needle drop” on Facebook. Oliver explained the safety mechanism.

Oliver presented the Washington County Jail contract renewal. It is $62 per day to house inmates. The solicitor, Rick Hedges, already reviewed and approved it. Sampson motioned to approve the contract and the council agreed.

Cunningham informed council of receiving a request for a permit for chickens for a 4-H project to be kept in a pen. Rathburn motioned to approve the permit and the council approved.

Cunningham appointed Austin Barton to the Syracuse Volunteer Fire Department (SVFD.) Rathburn motioned to approve Barton to SVFD and the council agreed.

The SVFD rescue boat was discussed. The SVFD reported they found one which meets the specifications discussed previously. A new boat, trailer, and the transom to fit the current motor to the new boat will be approximately $4,900. The donations from Farmers Bank and Home National Bank would reduce the real cost to the fire fund by $1,000. Rathburn motioned to advertise for bids for sale of the old boat and trailer (without the motor) and the council approved. Rathburn motioned to approve up to $4,900 for the purchase of the new boat and trailer and the council agreed.

Cottrill asked when to have the handicap accessible porta potty brought into the park. Cunningham said as soon as possible. After discussion, Rathburn motioned to have the porta potty installed before April 13.

Cottrill informed Council that a representative from Builders Exchange, a construction reporting service, called to ask if plans can be given to a bid planning company at no cost, and if they could be mailed. Cottrill said they are willing to send postage paid packing material for the plans. After discussion, Poole motioned to authorize Cottrill to send plans to bid planning companies if they pay the fees as advertised for the plans and furnish pre-paid shipping materials and the council approved.

McCoy presented his updated draft of the camper ordinance. Rathburn asked about section five’s six feet and asked if it could be extended. After discussion, McCoy motioned to pass Ordinance 457, “Camper Ordinance Governing Living, Parking and Storing Campers in the Village of Syracuse, Ohio,” as an emergency measure and the council approved.

Meigs County political figures, Danny Davis who is running for Meigs County Commissioner, Chris Tenoglia who is running for Judge for the County Court of Common Pleas, and Linda Warner who is running for Judge for the County Court of Common Pleas, made an appearance to speak on their campaigns.

This article based upon the unapproved minutes of the recent council meeting and are subject to change.

Staff Report