Week of Appreciation set for those on front lines of opioid epidemic

Staff Report

POMEROY — A week of appreciation is set for April 9-13 for those who are on the front lines in Ohio’s battle against the opioid epidemic. The theme is “Bringing Help. Bringing Hope. Thank You.”

The Gallia-Jackson-Meigs Board of Alcohol, Drug Addiction, and Mental Health Services and Holzer Health System are partnering to organize recognition events and to express appreciation for individuals on the front line fighting Ohio’s opiate epidemic. During the week of appreciation, coordinated events will be held by the ADAMHS Board, Holzer and local partners. At the state level, the Ohio Association of County Behavioral Health Authorities will work with statewide partners to do the same. The goal of the week long series of activities is to shine a light on the tremendous work going on in the communities and throughout Ohio to address the opiate epidemic and to specifically show appreciation to front line workers.

With the message of, “Bringing Help. Bringing Hope. Thank You,” these events will allow local leaders to demonstrate their appreciation to individuals on the front lines who are working to eradicate the scourge of opiates, and help individuals coping with addiction recover every day.

Angela Stowers, deputy director of Gallia-Jackson-Meigs Board of ADAMHS, shared a ceremony will be held in the participating counties and the commissioners of the counties have signed proclamations showing their support.

The Meigs County Commissioners approved the proclamation presented by Robin Harris of Gallia-Jackson-Meigs Board of Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services during last week’s’ regular meeting.

The proclamation read in part,

The members of the Meigs County Board of Commissioners are committed to leading Meigs County in expressing our gratitude and appreciation to all community members working on the front lines in the fight against Ohio’s opioid epidemic.

The Meigs County Board of Commissioners will nurture and reinforce county and community efforts to prevent and treat addiction, including opioids; educate youth and adults about addiction and recovery; promote family building and workforce development as ways of combating the effects of addiction on communities; and encourage community engagement in efforts to address this present opioid epidemic.

We support the efforts of the Gallia-Jackson-Meigs Board of Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services and their partners to build a comprehensive system of prevention, education, intervention, interdiction, treatment, and recovery for all citizens of Meigs County.

Through this work, we will continue to bring hope to our community and build the understanding that treatment works and people recover.

We pledge our support for the individuals, family members, and professionals throughout our community who are bringing help and bringing hope by working day in and day out to save lives, provide treatment, assist families, and support recovery in Meigs County.

The members of the Meigs County Board of Commissioners do hereby proclaim the week of April 9-13, 2018 as a “Week of Appreciation” for those who are on the front lines in Ohio’s battle against the opioid epidemic and support and promote the theme “Bringing Help. Bringing Hope. Thank You.”

The ADAMHS Board is also inviting local individuals, governments, agencies, organizations, schools, faith groups, and businesses throughout Meigs county to show their support by participating in a video montage. First responders in this fight can include, but not limited to public and private law enforcement, fire fighters, EMS workers, dispatchers, emergency department personnel, children’s services workers, and mental health/substance abuse crisis counselors.

The guidelines of submission are as follows: First, individuals will position those who will be in the video in a location representative of who they are or what organization/business with who they are affiliated. Second, the speaker(s) will be recorded delivering a brief, less than one minute thank you message to first responders on behalf of the speaker(s). Third, individuals will upload and send the recorded message via email to angela_stowers@gjmboard.org by Monday, April 2. Fourth, individuals are encouraged to share their message on social media.

The videos sent accordingly will be used to create a thank you DVD that will be provided to Meigs County first responders as well as shown at the first responder recognition and appreciation ceremony to be held during appreciation week. Holzer Health System and The ADAMHS Board will also share the videos and the link to the montage on their social media.

Staff Report