Meigs library selected for online project

POMEROY — The Meigs County District Public Library has been selected by the State Library of Ohio to participate in the Guiding Ohio Online AmeriCorps program.

Funded by a grant from ServeOhio, the state’s commission on service and volunteerism, Guiding Ohio Online was developed by the State Library of Ohio to support rural public libraries’ efforts to teach patrons to find, understand and use vital online resources and services.

The Meigs County District Public Library and Guiding Ohio Online are currently on the lookout for individuals committed to community service to hire full-time for an 11-month term of service as an AmeriCorps member to begin service Sept. 21. The AmeriCorps member will deliver digital literacy training through computer classes, one-on-one computer assistance, outreach and volunteer recruitment for the library. Anyone who is interested learning more about becoming an AmeriCorps member may contact Chelsea Poole at 740-992-5813 or Mandy Knapp, State Library at 614-466-1710.

“Patrons receive extended one-on-one assistance from our AmeriCorps member that they otherwise would not have access to,” Madelyn Thomas, Meigs Library employee, said.

Guiding Ohio Online requires one-time match funds from the Meigs County District Public Library for the purpose of training and sustaining the AmeriCorps Member.

The Meigs County District Public Library is currently hosting an AmeriCorps member serving through September 2015. Library users benefit from one-on-one support, computer classes and other technical assistance provided by the AmeriCorps member. Kristi Eblin, director of the Meigs County District Public Library, said she is eager to provide these services for an additional year.

ServeOhio is purposed specifically to administer grants in Ohio under the federal National & Community Service Trust Act of 1993. Today, the largest of these grants is the AmeriCorps program, where Ohio currently has 21 partner organizations and over 600 AmeriCorps members. AmeriCorps programs provide opportunities for Americans to make an intensive commitment to service. The AmeriCorps network of local, state and national service programs engages more than 70,000 Americans each year.

AmeriCorps members serve through more than 3,000 nonprofits, public agencies, and faith-based and other community organizations.

“I enjoy the personal side of helping people with technology issues,” Jacob Rickert, AmeriCorps member, said. “I have been able to teach users how to use Facebook and set up an email account to connect with family members. Downloading and viewing photos of grandchildren is one of the most exciting things for many users.”