Middleport appoints new council member

By Erin Perkins - eperkins@aimmediamidwest.com

MIDDLEPORT — Middleport Village Council recently met for its regularly scheduled meeting, appointing a new council member.

Council Member Carolyn French nominated Diane Lynch to fill the vacant council seat, Council Member George Hoffman nominated Susan Page.

In a three to two vote by the council, Susan Page was appointed as the new council member. Page was unable to attend the meeting, in result she was unable to be sworn in by Mayor Sandy Iannarelli yesterday (Monday) evening.

Former Council Member Doug Dixon approached council explaining why he feels the Middleport Volunteer Fire Department should not receive reimbursement for the past year’s runs pertaining to ordinance, “An Ordinance Establishing a Policy for Reimbursement for Gasoline Mileage and Cleaning Expenses for Volunteer Firefighters of the Middleport Ohio Volunteer Fire Department and the Amending Village of Middleport Ordinances,” which council has not adopted yet. As of yesterday, the council approved the second reading by title only.

Dixon stated, “I am not in favor of actually reimbursing a year back for something we want to pass at this time.”

Dixon asked Solicitor Rick Hedges to review Chapter 146 in the Ohio Revised Code as he said the chapter explains a volunteer fire fighter cannot be paid because it,”is a non-paid and a non partial paid,” position.

Fire Chief Jeff Darst, along with his volunteers were in attendance in support of the ordinances being discussed.

Iannarelli stated, “Anyone of you could be at anybody’s house here, that lives here, they better give thanks that they got a fire department like you all to come and to save their house or their loved ones who may be trapped in that house…how lucky we are as a small village…I myself would like to thank each and every one of you, you do a lot, you put your life on the line.”

The council approved to waive the three readings of ordinance, “An Ordinance Establishing a Policy for Leave for Village Employees who are Volunteer Fire Fighters for Middleport Fire Department and the Amending Village of Middleport Ordinances.”

The council approved to adopt the ordinance.

In other business, the council approved to amend public works employees vacation standards in the employee handbook. Public works employees will have two days off work for Christmas, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, rather than having their birthday off work. Also, after a public works employees are granted vacation time after a year of work, the way in which the hours are dispensed be changed wherein the public works employees may break the 80 hours of earned vacation within 26 pay periods.

The council approved to have Baker attend a public records class as a proxy for each council member since members of council must attend the class at least once during their term, or have a proxy attend for them.

In a vote of four to one, the council approved to trade the village’s old truck for a movable stage from the county fairgrounds. Iannarelli said the stage would make for good use during community events.

In response to a complaints of feral cats within the village, Iannarelli shared the best approach to take care of these animals would be to contact the humane society, so the animals can be neutered and spayed.

Conde recommended fellow members of the council attend an Ohio Municipal League training, he shared the training is informative and worthwhile.

Building Inspector Mike Henderson reported to the council he will be applying for a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG).

Assistant Police Chief / Jail Administrator Mony Wood informed the council the police department had to replace the hot water tank in the kitchen and are currently getting bids for new door locks for the jail.

Iannarelli informed the council and guests at the meeting a new business will be coming to the village in place of the old Vaughn’s. She explained the store will be in the order of an Odd Lots and will be seeking people for employment.

By Erin Perkins


Erin Perkins is a staff writer for Ohio Valley Publishing.

Erin Perkins is a staff writer for Ohio Valley Publishing.