For the Record

Staff Report

Meigs County Sheriff’s Office

Night Shift

Feb. 17

Possible Domestic — Dispatch received a call from a female on Hysell Run Road advising that she and her boyfriend were in a heated argument because she found what she believes to be meth in his pants pocket. Deputies arrived on scene and spoke with the caller. She stated that the male had left the residence after she called and gave them the suspected drugs she had found. Deputies confirmed that it was most likely meth. They were advised of a possible location the male may have gone. The deputies were unable to reach the location due to flooded roads. The incident remains under investigation and charges may be pending.

Burglary call — Dispatch received a call from a teenage male advising he was at home with his younger brother on Elm Street in Racine and had someone downstairs in their house. Deputies arrived on scene and checked the outside of the home and everything was found to be secure. Dispatch then advised the caller to go down and open the door for the deputies. Deputies entered and searched the home. Nothing was found. No further action was taken on this call.

Alarm drop — Dispatch received a report of and alarm at Farmers Bank in Tuppers Plains. A deputy was dispatched and arrived on scene. He checked the exterior of the building and everything was found to be secure. When the key holder arrived, he entered and checked the inside, and everything was found to be in order. The key holder checked and found that the alarm had malfunctioned and advised that the alarm company would be contacted to repair it in the morning. No further action was taken on this call.

Feb. 18

Possible domestic — Dispatch received a call from 911 advising they had received a call from a female advising she was fighting with her boyfriend. When they asked for the address she hung up. 911 called the number back and a male answered and advised he was asleep and did not know what was going on, his girlfriend is extremely drunk, but they could send a deputy out if they wanted and gave them the address on Rutherford Road. Deputies were dispatched but were unable to reach the residence due to flooding on Rutherford Road. Dispatch contacted the female caller and advised her of the road conditions and she advised that they had already gone to bed and everything was verbal and no deputy was needed. She was advised if she needed deputies, to call back and deputies would try to find another route to her location.

Feb. 19

Checking flood conditions — Deputies spent most of the night patrolling high water areas along the river updating dispatch on road conditions.

March 3

Counterfeit money — Deputy Sizemore responded to Dollar General in Tuppers Plains in reference to a customer coming into the store and trying to use a counterfeit $50 bill. The counterfeit money was recovered, and Deputy Sizemore is following up with Dollar General and the individual who attempted to use it.

Drug investigation — Deputies responded to a residence along State Route 7 in Middleport after receiving information about alleged drugs and drug paraphernalia being inside. Deputies spoke with a female who had a current case open with Meigs County Children’s Services. Deputies reportedly recovered marijuana and drug paraphernalia from the female and Meigs County CPS responded to the scene. The 11-year-old child was removed from the mother’s custody and placed with the child’s grandmother.

March 4

Concealed carry applications — Two applications were received for concealed carry permits.

March 5

Well-being check — Deputies responded to McGinnis Road on a well-being check with Meigs County EMS. After being checked by EMS personnel the subject declined to go to the ER.

Auto fire — Deputy Sizemore was dispatched to the Shelley Gravel Pits in Letart for an auto fire.

March 8

Assist another agency — Deputies assisted the Naval Criminal Investigation Service with a search warrant on Wolfe Drive in Pomeroy.

March 9

Domestic violence — Deputy Campbell, Deputy Sizemore, and Sgt. Stewart responded to a Domestic Violence call on State Route 681 in Coolville. Deputies arrived on scene and spoke with both parties. It was determined that no physical violence had occurred, and no threats were made. The subjects were separated for the evening and no further action was taken

Staff Report