Racine Council discusses potential grant projects

Staff Report

RACINE — Racine Village Council discussed potential grant projects during its March meeting.

Council approved a resolution authorizing the mayor to sign Memorandum of Understanding with ODOT to be submitted with application for a grant for the Phase 2 Sidewalk project which runs from the Oak Grove Road intersection to the Dollar General entrance. Mayor Scott Hill advised that this is the same project as submitted last year. There has been no changes in the project as earlier discussed. Any resident with questions is urged to contact the Mayor’s Office.

Council also authorized the mayor to apply for a Nature Works Grant through the Department of Natural Resources and also to apply for a block grant with the Commissioners Office.

It has been unofficially announced that the village is to receive $100,000 from the Capital Budget for the splash pad at Star Mill Park.

Marshal Shane Bell sent letter commending Village Administrator John Holman and Councilman Bob Beegle for responding last week to an officer needs assistance call when he was attempting to secure an individual that was resisting during an incident on Tyree Boulevard.

Council commended Holman and the village workers for “job well done” before and after the flood.

Council approved the financial report and list of bills as presented by Fiscal Officer Janet Krider.

Council approved the fiscal officer to get an amended certificate from the County Budget Commission to enable her to payoff Phase 2 of the water project.

Councilman Chad Hubbard reported that he had attended the annual Mayor’ Court training.

It was reported Mayor’s Court collected $450 in old fines for month of February.

Attending in addition to Fiscial Officer Janet Krider and Mayor Scott Hill were council members Robert Beegle Kevin, Dugan, Chad Hubbard, Ashli Peterman, and Ian Wise. Council member Jeff Morris was absent.

Council adjourned until the next regular meeting at 6:30 p.m., Monday, April 2.

Information provided by councilman Robert Beegle.

Staff Report