Council discusses cost of flood damages

By Erin Perkins -

POMEROY — Pomeroy Village Council recently met for its regularly scheduled meeting discussing the cost of repairs for recent flood damage.

Mayor Don Anderson explained the village reported an estimate of more than $575,000 worth of flood damages including the loss of six light poles, a water fountain, and the culvert collapse on Main Street. Anderson said approximately $450,000 of the estimate is for repairs to the culvert collapse.

Anderson spoke with council about the Meigs Football Field being put up on open market. He shared he asked the Meigs Local Board of Education to give the football field back to the village of Pomeroy and they told him to attend a meeting to address the issue. Anderson said he was unable to be added to a meeting’s agenda to speak before it was decided the football field would be put up on open market.

Anderson stated, “In my view, it should come back to the village who built it and paid for it to begin with…both Pomeroy Junior High and High School came to the village, but not the football field…they were using the football field…thinking ahead on that football field, we just passed a resolution to go with the 833 project, so here we are adding sewer customers…my thinking is, here is a property adjacent to your sewer treatment plant, which is perfect for if we have to increase the size of our sewer treatment plant, Meigs Local doesn’t see it that way.”

Anderson said he will be attending the next regularly scheduled Meigs Local School Board meeting to discuss the football field.

Pomeroy Fire Chief Rick Blaettnar approached council to discuss changing the fire department’s cost recovery company. Blaettnar explained the current Cost Recovery Amendment would need to be changed, updating the name of the new cost recovery company. The council approved to change the fire department’s cost recovery company. Also, council approved updating the name of the company on the Cost Recovery Amendment.

Blaettnar requested to go into executive session to discuss the purchase of a firetruck(s) and the council approved to go into executive session to discuss purchase of personal property. Anderson reported no action was taken during executive session, only discussion.

In other business, the council approved the third reading of ordinance,“An Ordinance Establishing Bylaws and Regulations for the Management and Protection of the Water and Waste Water Facilities of the Village of Pomeroy Ohio and Amending the Village of Pomeroy Ordinances,” by title only, thus adopting the ordinance.

Anderson said deliberations are still being done regarding the Salisbury Township fire protection contract.

Anderson informed the council a rental agreement has been made for a three year contract to be active April 1 with Dave Hysell regarding the car lot on Butternut. He said Hysell will be charged $350 per month. The council approved to authorize entering into a contract with Hysell’s car lot.

Anderson said advertising for mowing season is out, for mowing 13 times, and bids will be open on March 19.

By Erin Perkins

Erin Perkins is a staff writer for Ohio Valley Publishing.

Erin Perkins is a staff writer for Ohio Valley Publishing.