For the Record

Meigs County Sheriff’s Office

Night Shift

Feb. 11

Alarm drop — Dispatch received an alarm drop at a home on Seneca Drive. Deputy Ridenour arrived on scene and spoke with the home owner and her neighbor. The neighbor advised that he had set the alarm off when he entered the home, after the owner had called him saying she thought someone was in the house. It had not gone off before that. Deputy Ridenour checked the home, and no one was found. No further action was taken on this call.

Prowler — Dispatch received a call of a prowler on Bald Knob Stiversville Road. The caller stated they had seen a male standing in the edge of their yard and he had run into the brush when they noticed him. Deputies arrived and checked the area and the subject was not found. They also patrolled the roads in the area and was not able to locate anyone. No further action was taken on this call.

Feb. 12

911 Hang up — 911 called dispatch advising they had received a call from a female who was screaming on the line and then the call went dead. 911 tried calling the number back several times, and nobody would answer. 911 pinged the number and got a location that was around Scout Camp Road and Oak Hill Road. Deputies were sent to patrol the area and found busted car glass in the road on Sugar Run Road along with some personal items and several shoe tracks in the snow and mud. At the side of the road it appeared as though there may have been an altercation. Deputies expanded the area of their search and nothing else was found. Unless further information becomes available this incident will be closed.

Naked female — Dispatch received a call from the security guard at Mine 1 near Langsville advising that a naked female had come running to his shack advising she had been assaulted by her boyfriend. Deputies and a squad were dispatched to the scene. When they arrived, the boyfriend was sitting at the entrance of the Mine property in his truck that was out of gas. He reportedly advised he was not going to lie to the officer and stated that they had broken down, the help they called never showed up and while sitting there they allegedly used the meth that they had just went and purchased. The female reportedly got paranoid and ran off. The female stated that he had assaulted her and knocked her down in the snow and she was able to get away and run for help. Deputies looked over the scene and the tracks in the snow and evidence did not support the female’s version of the events. Her clothing was retrieved from the vehicle and returned to her. She never did advise how she ended up naked in the first place. Both suspects were taken from the scene by deputies. The investigation and criminal charges are pending.

Feb. 13

Assist EMS — 911 called wanting an officer to secure the scene on Lasher Road because they had received a call of a female with altered mental state possibly on meth. A deputy arrived and secured the scene, the squad arrived and checked the female. She refused transport to the ER and the deputy did not see any criminal violations in plain view while in the home. All units left the scene, no further action was taken on this call.

Domestic — Dispatch received a call of a possible domestic on State Route 124 Racine. Caller advised that the suspect was threatening to cut up the family. Deputies arrived on scene and was met with several family members arguing and being uncooperative with their investigation. The subjects were calmed down and the deputies started to get information about the event. The subjects involved in the actual incident did not wish to make statements or pursue charges. However, Rebecca Ours, age 44, of Racine became upset with one of the deputies and became disorderly. After several warnings she was arrested for Disorderly Conduct After Warning and transported to the sheriff’s office where she was cited for the alleged offense and released.

Feb. 14

Investigate complaint — Dispatch received a call from a concerned neighbor that a house on Pomeroy Pike had their garage door half open and it had never been that way before. A deputy was sent to check it out and noticed newspapers spread on the floor and paint cans when he looked into the garage. It was decided that they had probably left it open to air out the garage and he decided not to wake the home owners.

Day Shift

Feb. 19

Well-being check — Deputy Myers and Deputy Fennell were sent to a residence on Hiland Road after dispatch received a call requesting a well-being check at the residence. The deputies made contact with the subjects and everything was okay. No further action required.

Sex offender — Deputies registered two sex offenders.

Feb. 20

Well-being check — Deputy Riley was sent to a residence on Mile Hill Road after dispatch received a call requesting a well-being check at the residence. Deputy Riley could not make contact at the residence, but determined, after speaking with neighbors, the subject was out of town visiting family. No further action required.

Feb. 21

Medic assist — Deputy Riley assisted EMS at a residence just outside Syracuse. EMS received a medical alarm from the residence, but when their units arrived they found an unsecure residence and they couldn’t get an answer from inside. Deputy Riley arrived and cleared the residence, finding nothing inside. The subject was located at a neighbor’s residence a few minutes later. No further action required.

Feb. 22

High water — Deputies dealt with numerous high-water situations throughout the county.

Feb. 23

Alarm — Deputy Myers responded to a residence on State Route 143 on an alarm activation. Deputy Myers checked the residence and found everything to be secure. The alarm is believed to have been caused by an inside pet.