Dog tags deadline extended

Staff Report

POMEROY — The deadline to purchase dog tags and kennel licenses for 2018 has been extended to Feb. 14.

The law requires that all dogs be licensed. Section 955.01 of the Ohio Revised Code states that every person who owns, keeps or harbors a dog more than three months of age, shall purchase a license for that dog before the 31st day of January of each year. During their recent meeting, the Meigs County Commissioners approved extending that deadline to Feb. 14 for this year.

Dog owners have the option to purchase a one year, three year or permanent tag for their dog. The one year dog tag will be $12 and is valid for the calendar year in which it is issued (2018). The State of Ohio has passed a new code for County Auditor’s to provide dog owners the option of purchasing a dog tag that will be valid for three years as well as the option to purchase a permanent tag for your dog. The cost of the 3 year tag will be $36 and $120 for the permanent tag.

Kennel licenses will also be available for a person, partnership, firm, company, or corporation professionally engaged in the business of breeding dogs for sale. The cost of a kennel license will be $60 and that will include five tags. Additional kennel tags can be purchased for $1 each.

If you wish to purchase your tags by mail, a printable application is available for both kennel license and individual dog license on the Auditor’s website at When submitting your license by mail, please include a self addressed stamped envelope along with your application and payment made payable to the Meigs County Auditor.

Licenses may be purchased Monday thru Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Meigs County Auditor’s Office which is located on the second floor of the Meigs County Courthouse. Current year tags and kennel tags may also be purchased from the Meigs County Dog Warden.

Please contact the Meigs County Auditor’s Office at 992-2698 if you have any questions regarding the purchase of the 2018 Dog License.

Staff Report