Candidates file for May Primary

By Sarah Hawley -

POMEROY — Two races in the May Primary will be contested in Meigs County on the Republican side, as two candidates have filed in the races for commissioner and common pleas judge.

The candidate petitions must still be certified by the Board of Elections in order for the candidate to appear on the ballot, which could occur at their Feb. 13 meeting.

Republicans Christopher Tenoglia and Linda R. Warner have each filed petitions for Common Pleas Judge. The position is currently held by I. Carson Crow.

Republicans Danny Davis and Tim Ihle have each filed for Commissioner. The position is currently held by Ihle.

Auditor Mary T. Byer-Hill is unopposed on the Republican ballot in her reelection bid.

Write-in partisan candidates have until Feb. 26 to file for the May ballot, while non-partisan candidates for Common Pleas Judge, Auditor and Commissioner must filed by 4 p.m., May 7.

In addition to candidates for county-wide office, Central Committee members are to be elected in each precinct. A complete list of those who have filed appears below.

There was one county-wide issue filed for the May ballot, as well as multiple village and township issues.

The Meigs County Sheriff’s Office is making a second attempt at the 2.95 mill bond issue and levy for the proposed Meigs County Correctional Facility.

In Pomeroy, voters will be asked to consider a 2 mill street maintenance levy and electric aggregation.

In Middleport, voters will be asked to consider fire protection levies of 3 mills and 1 mill, as well as electric aggregation.

Scipio Township voters will be asked to consider a 2 mill levy for road maintenance and a 2 mill levy for fire protection.

In Columbia, voters will be asked to consider a liquor option for Doug’s Carry Out. Columbia precinct voters will also be among voters in portions of three counties to consider an income tax for Alexander Local Schools.

In addition, voters will be considering several state and regional races. Details on those candidates will appear in an upcoming edition of The Daily Sentinel.

A complete list of local candidates and issues (as provided by the Meigs County Board of Elections) is as follows:

County-wide candidates (one to be elected for each)

Auditor — Mary T. Byer-Hill (Republican);

Common Pleas Court Judge — Christopher Tenoglia (Republican), Linda R. Warner (Republican);

Commissioner — Danny Davis (Republican), Tim Ihle (Republican).

Issues and Levies

County-wide — Meigs County Correctional Facility Bond Issue and Levy (2.95 mill);

Scipio Township — Road Maintenance (2 mill) and Fire Protection (2 mill);

Village of Pomeroy — Street Maintenance (2 mill) and Electric Aggregation;

Village of Middleport — Fire Protection (3 mill), Fire Protection (1 mill) and Electric Aggregation;

Local Liquor option Columbia precinct — Doug’s Carry Out;

Alexander Local Schools — One percent income tax.

Central Committee (one per party to be elected in each precinct)

Bedford — Marlene Harrison (Republican);

East Chester — David Shuler (Republican);

West Chester — Paula J. Wood (Democrat);

Columbia — Marco Jeffers (Republican), Mary J. Carter (Democrat);

Lebanon — Lawrence Hayman (Democrat);

Letart — David Fox (Republican);

North Olive — Sue Maison (Democrat);

South Olive — William R. Osborne (Republican);

Orange — Eugene Triplett (Republican), James Nally (Democrat);

Rutland Village — Samuel Bruce May (Democrat);

East Rutland — Wilma J. Davidson (Republican), Karen S. Williams (Democrat);

West Rutland — Steve Morris (Republican);

Salem — Thomas P. Gannaway (Republican); Beverly A. Davis (Democrat);

Middleport Second — Sandy Iannarelli (Republican);

Middleport Third — Marilyn R. Anderson (Republican), Evelyn Bauer (Democrat);

Middleport Fourth — Michael L. Childs (Republican), Olita Heighton (Democrat);

Pomeroy First — Judith R. Sisson (Republican);

Pomeroy Second — Michelle Shelton (Republican), Rebecca Triplett (Democrat);

Pomeroy Third — Bill Spaun (Republican), Linda L. Mayer (Democrat);

Bradbury — Edward W. Durst (Republican), Alma Hannah Spencer (Democrat);

Laurel Cliff — Marjorie Fetty (Republican);

Rocksprings — Norman L. Price (Republican);

Scipio — Randy Butcher (Republican), Gregory D. Howard (Democrat);

Racine Village — Robert E. Beegle (Republican);

Syracuse Village — Loretta Kay Hill (Republican);

Minersville — Anna L. Norman (Republican), John N. Ihle (Democrat);

Racine — Brett Jones (Republican).

By Sarah Hawley

Sarah Hawley is the managing editor of The Daily Sentinel.

Sarah Hawley is the managing editor of The Daily Sentinel.