Syracuse discusses Dusky Street and playground

Staff Report

SYRACUSE — Syracuse Village Council recently met to discuss village business, including the pros and cons of turning Dusky Street into a one-way street.

Council Member Tom Weaver asked fellow council members about changing Dusky Street to a one-way street. Council Member Barry McCoy noted the residents on Dusky Street were opposed to making that change when it was brought up at the public walking path meetings. Weaver inquired about adding speed bumps and the speed bumps were debated briefly among the council. The options on turning Dusky Street into a one way were further discussed and Mayor Eric Cunningham suggested holding a public meeting. Council Member David Poole suggested approaching the residents along Dusky Street before scheduling a meeting.

Police Chief Mony Wood addressed the sewer drainage concerns brought up at the previous meeting and assured the council there was no illegal drainage. Wood noted the need for an ordinance addressing campers after a discussion of ordinances regulating little houses, camper living, and sewers. McCoy voiced his concerns about debris, unregistered vehicles, and unkempt property and Cunningham explained the Solicitors’ opinions given in the past and the limited options to address issues with abandoned and derelict property.

The shelter house grant and planning were discussed including cost effective methods for demolition of the current shelter house.

Poole asked about property owned by the village and noted the old landfill on Snowball Hill. Grants Administrator Fred Hoffman said he was not aware of any village focused landfill cleanup grants, but occasionally there is grant money the county may obtain and distribute.

Poole asked if there was a plan for the Microsoft account and going forward with emails for everyone to communicate and asked if there were any existing shared services. Cunningham noted there are none at this time, but he has a standing agreement with Racine to share equipment if emergencies arise.

Council Member Michelle White noted she spoke to Street Superintendent Dustin Butcher. White asked the quoted price for playground mulch and Fiscal Officer Crystal Cottrill said the approved purchase was $11 per cubic yard, but no one had a volume measurement due to the drainage work to be done. White said she was trying to contact the insurance agent to see if rubber mulch would be acceptable. Cunningham and Cottrill noted the Risk Management Representative would be the best contact for an official stance. Cunningham noted the need to research rubber mulch fully because he had discovered several articles about playgrounds switching from rubber mulch to another product due to concerns about contamination and illness. White said there were multiple varieties of rubber mulch and she would obtain samples of the one she preferred.

McCoy, Weaver, and Poole coordinated scheduling for attending New Council Member Training and Public Records Training. Cottrill briefly explained the importance of officials understanding open meetings and public records laws.

Poole asked for more information regarding pool fundraising and planning and potential pool fundraising efforts were discussed. McCoy added he and Weaver have been working on ideas for the Veterans Memorial.

The next regularly scheduled meeting will be held 7 p.m., Feb. 8 at the Syracuse Village office.

Staff Report

Erin Perkins is a staff writer for Ohio Valley Publishing.

Erin Perkins is a staff writer for Ohio Valley Publishing.