Vinton man arrested after domestic incident

Staff Report

VINTON — A Vinton man was arrested on Saturday after allegedly holding the mother of his children at gunpoint.

According to a news release from the Meigs County Sheriff’s Office, William L. Garnes, 31, was arrested after deputies were dispatched to a domestic violence complaint on Price Strong Road, Vinton.

Deputies Campbell and Stewart arrived at the residence and while Deputy Stewart approached the front door of the residence the front door swung open and a female reportedly came running from the residence. Deputy Stewart advised her to show her hands which she did and then she was advised to run to safety behind Stewart’s patrol vehicle. Within approximately 10 seconds the three children reportedly ran from the residence and in the direction of their mother. Deputy Stewart advised the children to run to their mother and stay behind the patrol vehicle.

At this time approximately 30-40 seconds passed as deputies were calling for Garnes to slowly exit the front door of the residence with his hands above his head. After 30-40 seconds, Garnes came out with his hands around his pockets. Garnes was ordered to put his hands above his head at which time he complied and then onto his stomach with his hands above his head at which time he complied. Deputies Campbell and Stewart moved in on Garnes and Deputy Campbell secured him in handcuffs.

Deputies went inside the residence and cleared it for other persons and no one else was located inside. Garnes was placed in the backseat of Deputy Campbell’s patrol car.

While deputies interviewed the victim, she reportedly stated Garnes had allegedly punched her on the head, but he didn’t harm the children. The victim further stated that she was able to send a text out to a friend who made the call to the sheriff’s office advising that she was allegedly being held at gunpoint and not allowed to leave, according to the sheriff’s office.

The text messages read “I need you to come now” and “He had me at gun point come here now at Williams,” according to the news release. The victim stated that Garnes allegedly pointed what she believed was a .45 caliber handgun at her head while on top of her in the front yard and pulled the trigger. The victim stated she heard the gun click as if it had jammed or there was not a round in the chamber of the pistol, according to the press release. She also stated that prior to him getting on top of her, Garnes and his father were allegedly rolling around fighting in the front yard and four shots were fired.

Deputies then went back to the front yard of the residence and recovered four shell casings.

Garnes was given his Miranda rights and while speaking to him, Garnes stated that he had allegedly hidden the .45 caliber handgun underneath some clothing in the master bedroom. Garnes signed a consent to search form and upon a brief search of the master bedroom, deputies reportedly located, photographed and collected a .45 caliber “Fire Storm” handgun.

Deputies transported the victim and her three children, ages 10, 7 and 6 years old to the Meigs County Sheriff’s Office to obtain statements. Child Protective Services was requested and came to the sheriff’s office to address the fact that Garnes allegedly had temporary custody of the children. Child Protective Services contacted the judge who gave emergency custody to the mother.

Garnes was booked in for one count of kidnapping and one count of domestic violence. He is being held pending a court appearance.

Staff Report