Victim Assistance Program continues to serve county

Staff Report

POMEROY — The Meigs County Victim Assistance Program served 452 new victims of crime in 2017, in addition to continuing to serve the victims of crimes from previous years.

The Meigs County Victim Assistance Program is a project of Meigs County Prosecutor James K. Stanley. The program is grant funded by the Ohio Attorney Generals’ Office for crime victim services. The program has one full-time advocate/director, a full-time secretary/advocate, and a part-time secretary/advocate.

Last year, the Ohio Attorney General awarded Meigs County a special mini grant for National Crime Victims’ Rights Week program and activities. Staff with the program also attended trainings, including Two Days in May (Ohio Attorney General training), and BASICS (a week long training by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office).

In 2017, Meigs County had 452 new victims affected by crime and were served through the Meigs County Victims Assistance Program. Among the victims were those of assault, theft, burglary and many other crimes.

Crime Victims — Types of Crime in 2017

  • 40 Adult Physical Assaults
  • 7 Adult Sexual Assaults
  • 1 Arson
  • 55 Burglary/ Breaking & Entering Crimes
  • 49 Child Abuse/Endangering
  • 1 Child Pornography
  • 22 Child Sexual Assaults
  • 120 Domestic Violence
  • 10 DUI/DWI Incidents
  • 25 ID Fraud and Unauthorized Use of Credit Cards/Checks
  • 10 Kidnapping
  • 2 Vehicular Hit and Run
  • 43 Robbery
  • 29 Stalking/Harassment
  • 1 Homicide
  • 11 Violating Protection Orders
  • 26 Protection Orders Filed with 258 requests

Total of 452 new 2017 victims. This does not include carry over victims from previous years that we are still serving. There were 507 victims served in 2016.

Victims of crime are served by the office in numerous ways, including crisis response, letters and phone calls and having advocates attend hearings with the victims.

Statistics are reported to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office each year and are as follows:

  • 177 crisis responses
  • 1,837 letters mailed
  • 2,264 phone or fax follow up
  • 258 requests for Civil Protection Orders, 26 actually filed
  • 43 victims eligible for Ohio Victim of Crime Compensation Program (This is an application process and is a secondary provider for physical and emotional harm caused by the crime and funerals for homicide victims.) This does not include the number of victims that received attorneys for Civil Protection Order Full Hearings.
  • 555 County Court hearing with victims
  • 915 Common Pleas Court hearings with victims
  • 10 Juvenile Court hearings with victims

To contact the Victims Assistance Program call 740-992-1720.

Staff Report